What's The Haps?

A lot of things going on for the Mozzarella family this month. Firstly, The Kid turned 22 on the 1st. She had a pretty exciting day. For any of you that like Zombie shows (not me), Z Nation is filmed here in Spokane, and they are currently filming season 4. We have a neighbor who does set building for North By Northwest film productions and is currently working on Z Nation. My husband asked if they could get a tour of one of the places they film at, and he took them personally. They do some filming at a local museum which they had already seen, and another location is an abandoned Kaiser Aluminum plant. They got to tour mostly behind the scenes places, saw some people getting makeup, trailers of the stars and the catering truck, ha. She didn't get any pictures, although I would have taken some. They didn't get to see any filming but she enjoyed it anyway. That night we made fish tacos and homemade ice cream to go with cake.

On the 16th we will be heading out for vacation. I hope it's cooler on the coast because this 90's into 100 degrees is making me one hot sweaty miserable mess. When we planned our trip we didn't know we would be almost in the direct path of the solar eclipse on the 21st. Rockaway Beach will be at 99.1% totality and start at 9:05 in the morning. All we have to do is basically walk across the street to the beach and have a seat. We've got our special glasses already packed. I don't remember the one in 1979 and probably won't be around for the next one, so this will be pretty exciting....unless typical coastal morning fog covers everything up.

I've been battling a headache/teeth pain for the past 6 weeks. Every single day! I finally went to my doctor who told me to use Flonase and gave me some antibiotics. Neither has helped greatly except the headache might be a bit better. It started before I had my last crown put on so I don't know what in the heck is going on. I just know I'm in a lot of pain and have to hit the Advil bottle at least every 4-6 hours, even during the night.

My Brother and his wife put their house up for sale, and it sold in a week. No turning back now. Right now they're on the Oregon coast but need to be back soon for appointments, then who knows where they will be going. I still don't get it though.

I finally got all the ingredients I needed to make authentic movie popcorn. The oil they use is butter flavored coconut oil and Flavacol, which is the butter flavored salt. What a difference, it was fantastic!

Since it's been so hot I've been using my slow cooker a lot. We've had shredded pork, chicken and dumplings and this weekend I made crock pot lasagna. This is not diet food.

Have you watched the new show, Live PD yet? It's sort of like the old Cops show, but live. Spokane is featured as one of the 6 counties. I thought it was kind of cheesy because our city is quite boring, until I saw one recently which involved in a very intense police chase. The driver had led them on a previous chase before and as they were attempting to pull him over again the other day, he took off. They knew who he was, wanted in the burglary and assault of a former Deadliest Catch fisherman. This guy sped through town, avoiding spike strips, bobbing and weaving with so much skill, not one car was hit. An officer and K-9 Gunner (who barked the whole time) stayed on his tail and as he entered Idaho, an officer rammed his car and Gunner took him down. I think the host, Dan Abrams was impressed! I would like to know where the cops were when I had two solar lights taken out of our backyard the other night though. One was a red rose, a gift to my Mom, and she gave it to me.

I guess that's enough excitement for one week, doggies will be back next Monday.


Grumpy said…
Sounds like good times with the exception of the whole headache teeth hurting thing.

I'll bet the eclipse on the beach will be awesome.
Valerie said…
I am a tad jealous that you have such weather, but only a tad - I can understand how fretful too much heat can be. Hope your tooth problem goes away before your vacation.
Mr. Shife said…
I might have to check out that show. I used to watch COPS all the time to remind myself that my life wasn't so bad. Glad your daughter had a nice day and your pain is getting a little bit better. Enjoy the vacation, solar eclipse, and hopefully cooler weather.

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