Sweet Flower

We are five days in of a full week watching this sweet little Flower. When I first heard her name I knew she was going to be great. She's a 6 and-a-half year old Boxer mix. I've never known such a chill dog. One that doesn't bark at every little sound. One that doesn't jump up and follow you to every room. One that just goes to sleep at night when we do. One that will eat her dinner without bribery or adding yummy stuff to it. One that walks so good with my husband that I may get out of walking her the entire stay (we took turns, really). I told the owner that hubby has a new rule; no other dog can stay unless they are like her, ha.

A few little oddities she has is chewing the pads of her feet, a nervous habit. And she barks in her sleep which scared the crap out of me the first night.

She was another good candidate to take to my Mom's so she spent one whole day there with me. All she did was sleep and eat some treats. Mom even took a picture of her with her IPad, it made me laugh.

She was just an all around super dog to have around and no work at all; just an extension of our family.



Valerie said…
How wonderful to have such a well behaved and friendly dog, the sort of dog you want to call your own, in fact. Hope the fun continues.
Mr. Shife said…
She does look like a sweetheart. Glad it continues to go well for you, kden. Take care.

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