My First

Last Thursday and Friday we watched an American Pit Bull Terrier. It was my first encounter......ever, with any of the Bully breeds. I've seen them from a distance which was fine with me. I've never had a bad experience with one, just really didn't want to have anything to do with them. But I'm willing to try anything once!

The owner brought her by to meet us. She's only a year and-a-half old and he is the third owner in her short life. One owner didn't treat her very well so when he found her in Las Vegas he brought her home. He's very protective of her and she has separation anxiety so he was kind of hesitant in leaving her anywhere. He actually reached me by accident, as a family member had referred him somewhere else on Rover but he messed up.

He was satisfied that we would be a good fit and he brought her by Thursday morning. Angel whined a lot off and on so we just kept her distracted with a walk, toys, treats and a bit of wrestling. She's really strong and got amped up easily so that was kept to a minimum. Her bark was very loud and present at just about every sound she heard or when she got excited. She also gave the best full facial licks ever! She wasn't great on a leash, but not the worst either so I didn't mind walking her.

Even though it was just a two day stay we were pretty tired when she left. I think now that we know what she's like, we would watch her again though. The first time always seems the hardest with learning curves and getting to know their personalities. Her owner missed her so much, he came early for her. He seemed pretty satisfied with her care which made me feel good (and gave me a 5-star review). I'm also feeling pretty proud that I went out of my comfort zone to watch a dog breed that I had always had some fear of. I mean really, look at that goofy girl!

Run for your life turtle, you're next!!!


Grumpy said…
Glad you had a good experience. The experts say it's the owner not the dog; statistics say otherwise. I think I'll keep my distance.
Valerie said…
You never know, you might fall in love with the Pit Bull.
Valerie said…
Something must have been wrong yesterday 'cause I didn't get to see the pictures or most of the text. Glad I looked in again today. Anyway, I think she liked you otherwise she wouldn't be so relaxed.
Mr. Shife said…
You are doing good work, kden, and I'm glad it's going well. I almost think we should try it just to give Frizzle someone to play with because she tires us out. Take care.

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