Cleaning Out Memories

I found out that if there are no dogs in the house, we can get a whole lot more done. Our latest dog was the many-time repeater Sadie. Other than that, I've had bookings, cancellations, and general annoyances which left gaps in my calendar.

So I decided we should take advantage of the down time and get some cleaning done. Cleaning out that is. Since The Kid moved out of her apartment, we needed more space to put those things that she will need some day. I told her no more storing of crap in my bedroom because I got to that room first. Moved all furniture, vacuumed and cleaned the carpet. We've been going through closets, cupboards, and all corners. We've taken at least 10 boxes to charity so far, and a box of children's books to a crisis nursery center.

We had a great time going down memory lane with boxes of pictures of when The Kid was a baby and all the daycare and school things I saved. I was going to give it all to her someday when she moved out but I'm glad we did it this way.

Third grade paper hat
I made some great scrapbooks when she was small as well as videos so we had no need to keep the thousands of snapshots. We each kept out our favorites, especially the ones with long gone cats and Nellie.

Two cats and a baby
This picture too, I will always save. It was the last picture of my Dad before he died. It was taken in July of 1983, a month before I got married (they couldn't go) and the next month he was gone. That's him, me, my Mom and her Mom. My nephew in the front is now 39. Wow!

It was a great way to spend time inside during 100 degree weather, sharing tons of memories and lots of laughs.


Grumpy said…
If I stop what I'm doing to go through old photos nothing else gets done. That's alright, I'd rather take the walk down memory lane.
Valerie said…
You achieved a lot with plenty of memories. I'm doing the same but spreading it out. So much to remember which is good since the old brain doesn't always work well.
Mr. Shife said…
It goes by so fast. Facebook keeps sharing memories with me and I can't believe how quickly the kiddos have grown up already. Thanks for sharing with us.
Stephanie Faris said…
I never seem to get much done no matter what! But I'm bad about not having my photos and such in one place where I can get to them.

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