Boggles The Mind

In a week's time I heard something regarding both sides of our family that just boggles my mind.

My Husband's youngest son called to wish him happy Father's Day. As they're chatting my Husband asked him what he was doing. His reply was, "moving." The house they left was brand new when they moved in 3 years ago. So why move? Because when his wife's parents are there to visit, the house is too small. 2300 sq. feet is too small for 4 people? I can really tell who wears the pants in this family. Her parents live in China and I can't imagine them visiting that much to warrant buying a bigger house. We've been invited once; and remember, this is the daughter-in-law that we are not allowed to hug. We haven't seen them for over a year and that was only for dinner when they came into town.

For now, they are going to rent the house instead of selling, for $2300.00 a month. That's 5x our house payment. We definitely don't travel in the same circles!

My older brother on the other hand did something just as drastic, but instead of moving up, they are scaling down. It's understandable for a early retired couple to want to sell their home and trade their new 5th-wheel in for an RV to travel/live in. He's been wanting to do it for a long time.

The reason this boggles my mind is that his wife is still having issues regarding a very involved
surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in her abdominal area. It's been about a year and she still has to have scans, procedures, occasional hospital stays, and overall feels like crap. Before that, she had a stem cell transplant for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and all tests show she is cancer free.

She is all for the traveling though and says she can sleep anywhere. But for some reason she has also given herself a 2 year timeline before she dies. I just think it's too risky, to get far away from her doctors. They've tried close weekend trips but had to come back when she didn't feel well. What if there is no place to come back to? I know when I feel crappy I want to be in my own home in my own bed.

Plus, what about our own Mom, who will turn 86 this Thursday. Granted she is doing well, but what if he's days away and something happens to her? I don't like being the one "in charge." I am the next in line as Power Of Attorney but I sure don't want to have to execute anything; isn't that what big brothers are for? Mom even admitted she was a little nervous about him leaving and hope they haven't bitten off more than they can chew.

He being the oldest, has always been the practical one. He has always been quick to give unwanted, unasked for advice. That's why this move seem so unlike him. I know people got to do what they got to do, but it sure boggles my little mind.


Grumpy said…
I've learned the hard way not to give advice to family unless they ask for it. Best to live and let live.
kden said…
And then just an hour ago my Sis in-law messaged Mom and I to ask our opinion about it all, she doesn't sound very convincing that she is totally on board. Oh boy.
Valerie said…
I'd keep your thoughts to yourself, as Grumpy suggests. There's no accounting for some of the things people do.

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