Good Ol' Jake

I was supposed to have a dog for a 10 day stay. That would have been my longest stay for boarding and a good chunk of change for the summer. An out of town daughter of a elderly man in town set up the entire stay for him. He was going to fly to her house and then to California to visit his older sister.

I picked up Big Jake to make it easier for Harold and brought him home. Jake is a 9 year old English Setter who has had to slow down because his owner has Parkinson's and can't take him out much anymore. He's overweight and his toe nails are way too long. I bought some clippers and planned to work a little bit at a time over the 10 days. His toes are turned sideways because of their length and I know his feet must hurt and he walks funny.

But he is so loving and affectionate. He'll put his paw up on your leg and lie his head into your hand as you pet him. Dang, why do we have to fall in love with almost every dog? We got him to chase a ball around the yard a bit and I'd lie on the floor with him and he'd give me the best old dog puppy sighs I've ever heard.

Three days into the stay the daughter messaged me and said her Dad was going home and asked if I could take Jake back. Oh man, how disappointing. I still got paid half for the cancelled days per my policy, but still. He really liked it here and got love x3.

As I pulled into the drive and got Jake out, he stopped, then walked real slow to the door. So slow in fact that there was actually slack in the leash. I almost cried. He didn't show a lot of excitement as we walked in the door, not like he got excited when we would come home. I know he is well loved and cared for, but Old Jakey just doesn't get out to see many people anymore so he really loved the attention we gave him.

A few days later I had a meet & greet and at least I got the weekend full to replace Jake and then they will come back after the 4th.


Grumpy said…
You are having some great experiences and it's cool you're documenting them with pictures. I would be sad every time I had to take a dog home.
Valerie said…
I don't think I could cope with parting from such a lovely animal. Dogs sure know how to stir the emotions, don't they?
Mr. Shife said…
Keep up the good work, kden. You are awesome and I love hearing all about it.

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