For The Love Of George And Popcorn

This is George, and I love him. He's a 5 year-old Border Collie/Lab. He is just the coolest ever and his antics and mannerisms are more like Nellie than any dog we've had. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record about comparing every dog to her, but George takes the prize winning ribbon for that.

I swear Nellie whispered in his ear and told him about her favorite place to dig, right in-between the Peony bushes. She also told him to trample through the garden to get to the corner of the yard to observe the world. And she told him when he sees a cat while walking to turn into a stone wall that cannot be moved.

We didn't take him anywhere but he did keep us busy with walking and playing. Two walks a day are pretty mandatory and chasing him while he has a toy is too. His idea of 'fetch' is us throwing a ball and then chasing him to get it back. I've played this game before although I am a bit slower at it.

His mom was late picking him up due to flight problems so there were a few hours of overlap with the next guest. They played some which was good; I'm always worried about fighting. Another reason for hosting just one dog.

Toward the end of his stay he was getting a little antsy and I think he was missing his Mom, I know she missed him. I always love to watch the reunion of owner and dog. I know he enjoyed his time here but I'm sure he was ready to go.

I got the popcorn maker cleaned up. It took several SOS pads and hours of scrubbing. The first batch we fed to the birds and then we had ours. I bought some butter flavored oil but we very disappointed. I want the authentic, artery clogging, unhealthy yellow goo they use in the theatres. That will take a little research. But look at that, a popcorn addict's dream come true!


Grumpy said…
George looks intelligent. I think this job was the best idea you've had; as good for you as for your guests.

I envy you the popcorn maker. That is really cool.
Valerie said…
George is a bright dog, he has you just where he wants you. How I remember that game of chasing the dog to get the ball back just so we could throw it again. Happy days!
It is years since I had popcorn, I guess that's because it's years since I went to a cinema or theatre.
Mr. Shife said…
George looks like an awesome dog. Glad he helped bring back some good memories for you. The popcorn machine looks awesome. Nicely done. Enjoy your weekend.

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