Crazy Busy and Another Year Older

Lo and Behold, today is my Birthday!  This picture is when I was a few weeks old. I have pretty much the same disposition.

I know The Kid will be making me a scratch carrot cake and has ordered me something special. She always puts a lot of thought into her gifts. I will probably have to wait until her finals are over for both. It's not like I'm going anywhere, so it's all good.

I went to a rummage sale at the Park where my Mom lives last Friday. As I went out her door she kiddingly told me to look for a birthday present for myself. I just breeze through and don't stay long. I spotted a brand new Himalayan Salt Lamp for 20 bucks. I've been wanting one for a long time and I had them hold it so I could go back to her house to get some money. I think she was surprised that I took her up on the offer; we got a good laugh out of it. It was probably the easiest shopping experience she's ever had! I also spotted a movie style popcorn maker. OMG, I was in heaven! I have been wanting one of those for years. It was pretty dirty but for 5 bucks I'm going to clean that baby up.

After Memorial weekend I had nothing booked except Sadie, then a big blank space until September; that was depressing. All of a sudden I got two requests for long stays; one 8 days and the other 10 days. I had both meet & greets in one day and both booked. So now almost the entire month of June is full and Sadie will be back over the 4th of July. We'll take a little break at the end of June to move the Kid's stuff home from college and then.....who knows?

Sadie is just the sweetest little thing. Since we haven't seen Gracie in a long time, I now proclaim Sadie to be my favorite. She's pretty easy to take care of except for her separation anxiety. She does take an anti-anxiety pill in the morning--Prozac to be exact. The symptoms I mostly see is that she has to have someone around her, or at least in view all the time. In the house this is no problem but if we want to do yard work, she has to be tethered outside with us. If we go out of view she starts barking. It just takes a little extra work, but she's worth it.

I took her to my Mom's this week because she's the likeliest candidate to do that. The bigger ones I have coming up wouldn't work out so well. Mom enjoyed having her and said she could come back any time. That's big praise when my Mom wants a dog back, ha.

Now I need to get back to cleaning that popcorn popper.


Valerie said…
Belated birthday greetings. Wowee, what a shopping spree you had, and how lovely that you got what you always wanted!

You have lots to look forward to, Sadie, your daughter, etc. I have a feeling you're going to have a wonderful summer.
Grumpy said…
A belated Happy Birthday. They say 39 is a great age.
Mr. Shife said…
Happy belated birthday. Hope you are still enjoying all of your gifts. I had to look up the Himalayan salt lamp. I have seen them but didn't know their proper title. Excellent choice. Take care.

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