As it got closer to Memorial weekend I didn't have a dog booked. First I did, then they cancelled, so we just decided to have a nice family weekend putting up our yard swing, and working on a project.

Saturday morning at 7:00 I got a last minute request for a little cutie named Sadie, just for the night. She's a 7 year old Wire Fox Terrier. I am already booked with her next weekend so we had done our meet and greet earlier in the week. She's really sweet and it wouldn't be a bother at all so of course I said yes.

We did get the swing up as well as the disc golf basket. Sunday morning we headed to the cemetery to put flowers on my Grandma's grave as well as my Step-Dad's (or as my Mom calls it, her future home). The Kid always takes pictures so at least my Mom feels like she's a part of it. Right behind the cemetery is a short little trail and we took Sadie for a walk. We haven't been there for a long time and this is one of my favorite pictures of Nellie ahead of us, leading the way.

This is the biggest accomplishment of the weekend though. Mom gave me this old chair a neighbor had given her. We took the seat out and made a big bowl with screen door mesh. I put several ground cover plants in it as well as a seed pack that came with Nellie's ashes and some morning glory seeds. It's hard to see but there is also an old faucet with a crystal hanging from the spout. The crystal supposedly came from a chandelier from a famous old hotel in town. It looks pretty crappy now but should be better later this summer and even next year.

Even with a dog, it was a nice relaxing weekend and we're looking forward to having her back next week.


Grumpy said…
I admire your creativity in re-purposing things like that chair. I look at it and just see an old chair.
Valerie said…
You do have some brilliant ideas, and that chair looks great. Love the photograph at the top of this post - is that your daughter with the dog?
kden said…
Yes Val, that's my Daughter. She will be 22 this summer and most people think she's MAYBE in high school :)
Mr. Shife said…
I agree with Val and think the chair looks great. The picture of Hope and the dog is a good one. Nice to hear the weekend worked out well. Take care.

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