Whatever Lola Wants

.....Lola usually gets. She breaks into bedrooms to steal socks, underwear, rubber balls, and whatever she can get her mouth wrapped around. She is a two year old Goldendoodle that has absolutely no training at all. None. She doesn't even know the basics of 'Sit'.

Oh she's adorable alright, but wild as can be. It was really a lot of work to watch her last week. Hubby and I tried to walk her the first day. We had to first wrestle her in a harness which she thought was just a game. Then we put on two leashes, one for each of us. She pulls and weaves and it took all we had to get back home safely. That was the only walk she had.

She couldn't be let free in the yard and thank goodness her family had a tie out cable we could hook her up to. I am definitely going to invest in one of those. She chases birds and will eat anything she can find in the yard. She jumps, bites, and plays too hard.

Then I got to thinking back to when Nellie was that age. Although she had training, she was probably about one. She learned though, with a lot of repetitiveness and reinforcement. She played rough, jumped, bit, chewed bushes and dug holes.

So I'll give Lola a break. I think we would watch her again and hopefully if it does happen, she will have some training under her belt.

The day after she left, I headed to my little log house in a rural area, which is where I am now, enjoying some peace and quiet!


Grumpy said…
Sounds like the owners haven't put any effort into training her. Fine line between a playful dog and a wild one.
Valerie said…
Did you manage to teach her any manners? Even though she was a bit on the wild side, I reckon you enjoyed having her.
Mr. Shife said…
Sounds like the owners need to teach Lola some manners. It's not so cute when they are older. Enjoy your time at the log house.

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