Ups and Downs

This past week has been pretty slow on the dog front, but things seem to be picking up now. The company I work with is called DogVacay. There is another one called Rover. Rover just took over DV and they will be merging soon. I couldn't get a straight answer on the timeline of the occurring so I joined Rover too. Many sitters do both, depending on how busy they want to be. I got my first request from Rover after only 3 days, had a meet and greet last Thursday, and will be watching the most adorable teddy bear of a dog (Goldendoodle) next week. We are so excited! The day after she leaves I will do a 4 night stay in a log cabin on 5 acres with 3 dogs and 2 cats.

A few weeks ago I woke up with a sore right foot, with no reasoning on how it happened. The top felt like it had been stepped on by a horse and the pain radiated down the entire inside edge to the toe. I told my Mom it might be Arthritis or I'mtoofatitis. But still that day I did about 2 hours of yard work which was a mistake. The next day I had sciatic pain which made my right calf un-stretchable. Imagine me trying to walk a large pulling dog; I looked like a peg legged pirate. The sciatic pain is finally gone but that foot......better but not great.

I went to my dentist for a checkup and was told I have another cracked tooth that needs a crown. Good God, I have lost track of how many crowns I have already. Plus he highly suggests I get an implant for a tooth I had pulled about 30 years ago. The tooth above it is coming down and in time will be irreparable. I figure if it's hung in there for 30, it might have another 30 left in it. I asked if I could just stick a tic tac in the missing tooth hole. I'm not sure he gets my humor. I'm still paying off the last 2 crowns and feel like I will never get ahead in that department. In time I will do it probably, maybe, more than likely. I hope his kids have good colleges picked out because I will obviously be paying for it.

Yesterday Hubby and I bought a disc golf basket for back yard use. We've never played it, know nothing about it, but thought it would be good to get us outside this summer. I found it on Craigslist, new in the box for half of the selling price. And if we hate it, I guess we can give the discs to the dogs.


Grumpy said…
A four night stay in a log cabin on 5 acres? Why don't you take a tape of The Shining to watch?

Strange pains that appear suddenly? Ha! Just wait 15 years.
Valerie said…
Sounds like you've 'joined the club' with you pains. I have occasional bouts of gout which I thought was an old man's problem. I'm told it all stems from the spine and the sciatic nerve. Not a pleasant thing to have!
Mr. Shife said…
As I get older and older, I am always getting new and strange ailments. It's sad when you don't even know what you did. Good times. I look forward to hearing how the disc golf goes. I used to play in college and it was a lot of fun. I think it's something me and the kiddos would enjoy doing together. Take care, kden.

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