Lil Miss Dottie

I love taking care of so many different breeds. We were really excited to welcome a Jack Russell into our home. Dottie is nine, so she's not overly hyper like the young ones are. She got dropped off at 4:00 and whined until bedtime. She slept with The Kid the first night and barked a lot during the night due to hearing different sounds. Nobody slept real well that night.

She does have her issues, like hating other dogs, kids, and cats. That's why many board with me, because I only have one dog at a time. Most of that reason is for our own sanity though. Her Dad was so nervous and wasn't sure about about her staying though. They usually board her at the vet where she is kept in a cage all night with no company, and she won't eat. Really, which would you choose? So his wife is the one that initiated the stay and we vetoed the vet idea.

She got less anxious each day and we enjoyed walking her. The only issue is that when she does see a dog, she goes bat shit crazy! She screams and twists around on her leash. Who knows what brought that up in her past as she was a rescue. But if we can avoid dogs, it's a nice walking experience. When she wants to play, she barks. So I would oblige her and get on the floor. She's not into toys but does enjoy a short bout of rough-housing. I miss that.

Since she's so little (escape artist) and had to be kept away from the neighbor's dogs, we bought a tie out lead for the yard so she had a nice radius to spend time outside with us. Hubby even got some yard work done while no one else was home. He took her out front and she was fine as long as she could see him. A real sweetheart that we would definitely watch again.

Over the weekend we finally got the last of Nellie's ashes dealt with. We wanted to put them in two of her favorite spots in the yard. She loved to hang out in the back corner to keep an eye on the whole neighborhood, and then under the plum tree was her favorite shady spot. I'm glad we waited this long; it wasn't quite as painful. Now she is everywhere with us; in the house, cars, and yard!


Valerie said…
I was surprised to read that a vet would leave a dog alone and caged all night. Thank goodness there are people like you who will look after animals when their owners are away. I didn't know you could have a pet's ashes. It was never offered to me with my dogs. Damn!
Grumpy said…
We stopped boarding our dog because she ate very little. I'm going to look for someone like you that is local, or just fly you in.

We have our first dog's ashes in a sculpted wood box with an engraved plaque. That's more than I'll get.
kden said…
Val-We have a couple of pet crematories in town, they work with vets to pick up and deliver. It's the only pet we have done this with and I'm so glad we did.

Grumpy-Check out and search in your zip code or even your address to get a smaller radius. Different sitters will offer boarding, sitting, daycare, etc. so click on what you're looking for. Or yes, I could fly in :)
Mr. Shife said…
Another great doggie daycare story. Glad it is still going well and you seem really happy doing it, kden. Also, glad to hear you were able to take care of Nellie. I'm not going to lie but I got a little emotional reading that because I know how much you loved that dog. Take care.

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