Last week was pretty busy. First we had a friend's dog just for the day. Her name is Angel and she's a 9 year old mixture of many things, but I'm sure a cattle dog is one of them. All she wants to do is chase a ball......all day long......She doesn't take walks, which I tried, but she just cowered so I gave up. The only time she rested is when we totally ignored her but then if we moved, she was up again. Nine hours of this; we were so exhausted when her family came to get her. They would like us to take her over Memorial weekend but I'm not so sure the rest of my family would be up for it.

The next day we had a sweet boy come to stay for 4 nights. His name is Koda and is 6 years old. His Mom has only had him for 3 months and he was a rescue. She gives him these calming treats for anxiety but we sure didn't see any of that behavior while he was here. He loves his walks and I have to admit that I haven't walked that fast in a very long time. He's an attention hog but mostly just wants love. He and my husband really bonded and this is the first dog that has really done that with him. If given the chance I'm sure we would watch him again.

While Koda was here, I had another one come which doubled me up for a 24 hour period. I wouldn't normally do this because one dog is enough. But if I hadn't, we would have not met Koda, because the other one had scheduled first. 

This girl Bandita is only a little over 1, and full of wild energy. I had forgotten about how much energy a young dog can have. She was un-walkable on a leash and because of running issues, she had to do her business walked around the yard on a leash. In fact, the day before she had gotten out at home and hit by a car. Nothing was broken but she came with a hurt foot which I had to give her meds for. I think it's so unfair to a dog to not have at least basic training. It really limits their world when they can't even be taken on a simple walk. When she was calm and loving though, she was delightful and so much fun to watch while playing. 

During the same week, I had to take my Mom to an appointment and another day made a 70 mile round trip to a farm to talk to a woman about staying there for a couple of long weekends later this year. Can you see me gathering eggs? She sounded like it was a done deal on her part so we'll see. I can't call it done until it's paid for and my calendar says 'booked' for that time.

After Bandita left I met the rest of the family at Chuck E. Cheese for our Grandson's birthday. A crazy place to end a crazy week. After we got home from there we all took a nap.


Grumpy said…
I like these updates on your guests. Sounds like you're really enjoying it.
Valerie said…
Bandita has such a lovely face, she would win me over all the time. Your new career is certainly taking off, and I bet the dogs love you to bits.
Mr. Shife said…
I think the nap was well-deserved. Quite the guests you have had and they all look adorable too. Ms. Frizzle is a handful as it is and I couldn't imagine what she would be like without some basic obedience training.

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