The Flip Side

Pet Sitting is a funny business. I'm in a FB group for sitters and am learning something everyday. One thing that really stood out is that someone said 'all pet owners lie.' I don't really believe that; but in many cases I'd describe it more like little white lies.

When a person sets up an account, they have to describe their dog. There are further questions asked at a Meet and Greet with a sitter. Some are dishonest about the breed and if they have aggression issues. I have read so many horror stories about guest dogs attacking the home owner's pets. That's why I only take one dog at a time and never would have considered this job if Nellie was still alive.

The little wild dog I watched a few weeks ago was listed as a mixed breed. When the owner's Mom came to get her we were talking about how hard she is to handle. She said "That's the Dingo in her." Seriously? Is that even legal? I started looking up pictures on line and she sure fit the description down to the tip of white on her tail.

Another dog I will be watching in a week for just one night was listed as a German Shepherd. She may have had some Shepherd in  her but I think she is mostly a Rottweiler. I don't have breed restrictions but don't want to take extra large dogs because they're just too hard to walk.

Then there's the aspect that when you are boarding a dog, sometimes you don't sleep well. A small dog will sleep with me or The Kid. A larger dog will sometimes sleep at the end of the bed, some on the couch. You just never know where they are going to sleep and their anxiety level. Sometimes they whine or bark and nobody sleeps.

So far my troubles have been very minimal and what inconveniences we have had are all erased when this sweet boy Koda lies his head on a pillow and feels totally comfortable in our house. That's why I do it, despite the flip side of this job.


Valerie said…
When you started your new career I thought all dogs would be gentle, obedient and tantrum free. No thoughts came that there might be one with a grouse or something. You are doing really well and hopefully still enjoying it.
Grumpy said…
A Dingo? Aren't they wild dogs? I never thought of aggression issues, either.
kden said…
They are Grumpy, that's what blew me away when she said that. On her bottle of meds, the vet listed her as an Australian cattle dog. Somebody is not being truthful. As far as aggression I feel that many sitters are asking for trouble when they are watching 6-10 dogs at a time. They might be fine during the meet and greet but then add in the rest of the group and you never know what's going to happen.
Mr. Shife said…
Wow. I didn't realize Dingos were ever a possibility with dogs around here. Continued good luck with the canines and thanks for sharing the doggie tales. Ha. See what I did there? Take care.

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