More Memes

I have no doggy stories this week and nothing else to really talk about so will throw some more Spokane Memes out there. Now I'm curious if your own city makes fun of itself with a meme page? I just love our Spokane Meme FB page; it keeps me smiling.

One of our local news anchors with the Zags.
This went viral very fast


Grumpy said…
Gotta be able to laugh at yourself. That anchor has to be under 5'.
Valerie said…
I seem to have missed your blog posts a couple of times. Just read a rerun. Hope everything is going well with the dog minding.
Mr. Shife said…
Good old Spokompton. I enjoyed the memes. I don't know if Boise has anything like this but I am going to check after I'm done typing my comment. Take care.

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