Meet Benny

This little guy was supposed to be our first guest but his family had to cancel their trip. He's a 13 year old Whippet who mostly sleeps. It's the first time I've ever seen a Whippet. He is one skinny boy, which is what he's supposed to look like. Because of his age though, his spine and hip bones are very noticeable. He reminded me of a 2x4 with legs. Then when he was outside one day, you could see right through his legs and just see the bones! When he's lying in bed, you can actually see his heart beating. I personally like a good sized dog you can give a hearty pat to. I was afraid I was going to break him.

When they first arrived, he was wandering around the house, went into the kitchen where the back door is, then proceeded to come into the living room to pee on the carpet. I guess he was trying to tell us all something but we were busy talking. His family was mortified. I felt worse for them. During the night he woke us up barking and running from door to door. It was the first time we heard one peep out of him and it freaked us out. I took him outside and I saw some teens walking down the street dragging something very loudly. Maybe that's what woke him up. We came in and got all settled back in bed and he was good the rest of the night.

Usually on the second day, dogs are more comfortable in their strange surroundings. They interact more with their new people and seem more relaxed. By the second night, we were wondering how we could hear him if he wanted out since he's so quiet. I had an idea to use the ding dong mat under a rug in the kitchen. It worked like a charm; he slept straight through till 5:30.

By Sunday he was more attentive, following us around and even attempted to play a bit. We would welcome him back. He left late, a little after nine which most sitters probably wouldn't do, but what the heck. You just can't control airline schedules. Today it's back to a quiet house except for Hubby doing some carpet cleaning. Next weekend could be very interesting!

Watching 'Lucky Dog'


Grumpy said…
Sounds like your new job is working out great and you get to meet new and interesting animals. I hope you will continue to post your adventures.
Valerie said…
Never a dull moment, eh? At least you seem to be enjoying your new occupation. Whippets are thin, aren't they? I worry whenever I see one in case one of their bones snap. Yes, I know that's a bit extreme! What is a ding-dong mat?
kden said…
Val-that's the name I gave the doorbell mat we had used for our elderly dog. It's pressure sensitive, so no more guessing when a pet gets to a certain area. It's been a good investment!
Mr. Shife said…
For some reason, Devo's "Whip it" lyrics starting playing in my head when I read your post. I don't know if I should admit that publically. Glad the doggie day & night care gig is going well. Have a good weekend. Take care, kden.
Jay said…
Hi there, I came over from A Mixed Bag. I see that you do pet sitting! How wonderful! I'm going to be interested to see how that works out, because I've always thought it would be a great on/off job if you didn't want to commit to your own pet for whatever reason.

And you have had an adorable whippet! I'd call him a sweet old white-face if he weren't white-faced already - I love the oldies. I'm a greyhound person - we've had six, now - the funny thing is that when our first one, Jim, was in our garden soon after we got him, my husband (OH) let out an "Aaaagh - I can see right through his leg!" And he also complained that he could see his 'strings' (tendons). Vets love them because they can see everything! :D

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