March Doings

Snow is finally melting around here, our back yard is clear of it. Although the lawn is brown, soggy, moldy, and gross, I know that it will be soon turning green. The melting snow sure unearthed a lot of Nellie bombs though and along with other dogs now around, Hubby and I have kept busy cleaning up.

We did a fun little thing and joined the Ides Of Trump postcard assault on the Cheeto Nazi on March 15th. I bought 10 cards for the 3 of us. I could have bought more but with the thousands that will be sent from around the country, they all count. In reality I know it won't do a darn thing, but it sure felt good to voice my opinion. I saw pictures that others posted on their FB page and it was astounding (and humorous) to see the support.

The Kid made the Dean's list for Fall. She wasn't notified like before so had to search the entire college website to find it. This week is finals week for Winter quarter and she is already registered for Spring. She will be 2-3 classes short to graduate this Summer, and will have to return in the Fall to finish her requirements. She could walk with her class at graduation without a diploma, but she didn't want to. So I don't believe we will get to go to a graduation ceremony and she will save a lot of money not having to buy the required garb. I am disappointed but I'd rather have her finish at a relaxed pace than be all stressed out, with her grades suffering for it. She will stay at home and either drive or take the bus to campus.

A few weeks ago I bought a smartphone, a very reasonably priced one through Virgin Mobile. I chose the smallest plan they have at 35.00 which is perfect for me. With a different number and using it strictly for business, I'll be able to write it off as an expense. It also has WiFi so when I'm home I don't have to use data. The kid helped me set up a Instagram page, strictly for the pets. It's taken me awhile to learn it but it's kind of fun.

I have one review and one recommendation on my DogVacay page. Recommendations are from people who have not not booked through the site, so can be friends or others you have watched pets for. My Lady's daughter was kind enough to do it for me, since I am still watching her cat now and then.

Since the snow is melting so fast, we are having the usual creek/river flooding. We went to one of our favorite little parks the other day but couldn't go all the way in. There's a little foot bridge across the river into the park itself but we couldn't even get close to that. There are some houses above the park which I bet offers a great view. If only I had some waders!

From the parking lot, looking toward the river
A little closer with the river spilling its banks

From the bridge

From the bridge
I wanted to go back the next day but I saw on the news a video of the same parking lot (first pic) being totally under water. There are 28 counties in the state declared an emergency with flood damage. I told Hubby it would be cool to own a drone to go to the places that we can't get to. 

Next week.....more dog stories. 


Valerie said…
Oooh it's exciting. Will you set up a website? It's a good idea to have two phones to keep business and pleasure apart... you'll be taking on staff before you know where you are.
I enlarged the photos and read some of the Ides of Trump cards. Well done, whoever started it.
Grumpy said…
Great cards! That was fun even if nobody reads them. I can't believe there hasn't been any mention of the Ides of Trump in the media. They had to have been deluged with cards by now.

Good move on the phone. You can enjoy it and still take the write off.

Can't believe the Kid is so close to graduating. You must be so proud and she should be proud of herself.
kden said…
Val-I don't think I'll be doing an extra website other than the one through DogVacay. It's an awful lot of work. And I have staff; my husband and daughter :)
Mr. Shife said…
I like the new look of the blog. Congrats to your daughter. I'm glad it's going well and she's almost done. We are having some serious flooding down here as well. It's not helping that it looks like it's going to rain for the next week or so either. Take care.

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