Heading Home

As this posts, I will be going home this evening after spending 10 days with these three.


Salem and Sasha
They were a pretty quiet bunch and I was quite bored at times. Naps are great time killers, I'm finding out. Sasha is crated when anyone leaves the house, so other than the days I went to my Mom's, I tried not to leave for too long. Basically it was keeping them fed and letting Sasha in and out.

The striped cat was more playful and he would keep me amused. Salem is 13 and not as playful but loves a lap. But try to get cat off of said lap and you will be met with hissing.  I forgot how temperamental cats can be sometimes. I walked Sasha a few times but for her small size she has plenty of strength to pull me along. I was the one panting when we got back.

I had to bring my own food and things to keep me occupied. It looked like I was going on vacation; and I sort of was I guess. I had a big queen bed, wifi, and a large screen TV. To me the TV was too big for the room. No matter where I sat, I was only about 5 feet away from it. And air fresheners! There were 5 of them in the house, and two more in the bedroom. I shut them all down, the ones I could reach anyway. Everything in this house is sooooo tall. I like a little scent around but it was very overwhelming! The entire time I was having some kind of sinus issue. Headaches and eyes burning everyday. I really didn't know what to blame it on. Maybe I'm allergic to cats!! 

I went home once, to get groceries so my husband wouldn't die of starvation. We met one day for coffee and this past Saturday we all met for dinner close to where I was staying. It broke up the routine a bit. The Kid almost cried when I hugged her goodbye. This was a whole new thing to not have me home for two weekends in a row. She'll get used to it I hope. I think my husband missed my cooking. I missed my recliner the most, nothing like a good chair.

Before I even started, they asked if I would be available over Thanksgiving and Christmas for as long, or longer stays. I said I would think about it. It would be hard to be away from home over the holidays and they don't want anyone else in the house. I still could come and go as long as it wasn't all day. I'll have to talk it over with my peeps I guess and see how we feel about it.


Valerie said…
You are one brave and kind lady. There's no-one I know who would spend all that time away from home. The animals look nice, especially Sasha. Smiled at the hissing just because you wanted your lap back ... grins.
Grumpy said…
Sounds like you've found the perfect gig. Can you have your family over there for the holidays?
kden said…
I doubt it Grumpy, he's pretty adamant about not having anyone in the house and I can understand that. I might ask if I can take sasha home with me on occasion though.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad it went well and you have the opportunity to work for them again. Enjoy your weekend. I hope it is starting to thaw out up there. There are rumors we might see the sun over the next few days. Take care.

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