Double Duty

Look where I got to spend last weekend! This is located in a historical part of town and very close to my Mom's place. A woman who is also a sitter from California just moved here with her husband. They are not totally moved in so she had to go back to Cali to help him with some things. This house is so huge, I got lost all the time. It was on sale for 480K, sold for 460K. It was built in 1887 and is one of the oldest intact homes in town. Chandeliers everywhere, even the main bath. There is even a large walk in cooler in the basement!

They have two dogs, Hattie and Grover. They are not the most well behaved dogs but fun when chasing toys. Each day got a little better and they followed me everywhere, slept with me, and fought over me sitting on the couch. The one she was worried about being aggressive has been wonderful. Since they are so wiggly, I was lucky to get these shots. They really grew on me and I hope she asks me back again. Since she is also a sitter, and a very well established one at that, I asked her why she picked me out of all of the ones in town. She said it was my picture and the fact that I am 'mature' and not a young person. I took that as a high compliment; being older does have its perks.


Meanwhile back on the homefront, Hubby and The Kid were watching a little Maltipoo. Her family was from out of town for a basketball tournament and they had a bad experience leaving her in the motel room last year. She has never been away from them and did quite a bit of whining, but not horrible. The next day was better though. I came home once a day to check on all of them, but they did great. She was very playful and really made herself at home. The family was so happy that the experience was good for all, and she told all of her friends that come over here for tournaments. I have met the nicest people in this short amount of time. My family also had a good time, so that makes it doubly worth it.

Cougar, the remote thief


Grumpy said…
I envy you. This looks like the perfect gig.
Valerie said…
It's working out well and it sounds as though you are really, really enjoying it. Love the pictures of the dogs. Could I persuade you to cat sit for me... smiles.
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome news. Glad the gig continues to go well. What kind of dog is Hattie? With those ears, I'd swear that some sort of basset but I have never seen one with that kind of fur. Take care.

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