I got tired of waiting for Fetch to call me (still haven't to this day) and I certainly didn't want to call them back. I went back to the first business I looked at and applied. By the end of the day I was approved and by the next day my background check had passed.

I've watched some videos and taken quizzes, filled out my calendar for availability, have my own url, and ordered business cards. Hubby is going to be my promoter. In jest I call him the 'Master Bullshitter' because he can talk to anyone. He could have a conversation with a tree! He's good though, that's how he built his own businesses in the past so I guess we should call him retired so he can help me.

I don't expect to get rich at this. I just want to fill up my time and my heart helping out people with pet sitting needs.

Over the weekend we were supposed to have our first guest but because of the snow they had to cancel their trip out of town. We were all so excited, but disappointed when they couldn't make it. Hopefully they will reschedule sometime. Instead of doggysitting then, we had to deal with shoveling 7 inches of new snow.

Speaking of snow, as it was coming down heavy on Friday, The Kid had to drive home from college. It was her first major storm to drive in. I argued with Hubby that she has to learn because if he keeps going to get her, she will never understand what it feels like. Besides his car was in the shop and I had to be at my Moms that day. I underestimated how bad it was though and by the time she headed out, accidents were abundant. A lot can happen in the 30 mile drive home!

She kept her speed down on the freeway but a reader-board said there were accidents ahead. She slowed too fast and spun off the freeway.....and thankfully right on to an off-ramp. She probably knows that area more than I do because she would always go with her Dad on his route by the airport. It's kind of the back way into town and although it took her a whole hour, she made it home safe. She was a little freaked out by the experience but I told her I was very proud that she kept her cool, and she had probably learned more about driving in the snow in that one hour than all winter sitting in the house. Shortly after she got home, the freeway was closed.


Jenny Woolf said…
Scary when kids do things for the first time but sounds as if she coped fine.
Valerie said…
I bet your daughter wasn't as scared as you were just thinking about her ride. Good news about your new 'business' - I wish you lots of joy and success.
Grumpy said…
I think you're going to love pet sitting and word of mouth will be your greatest advertisement. People will tell friends how great you were and soon you will be booked solid. Congratulations.

Glad the Kid came out unharmed and learned to handle it.
Mr. Shife said…
Congrats on the dogsitting gig. Very happy for you. I would send Ms. Frizzle over if I could. Glad your daughter is OK and she got some valuable experience. Take care.

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