Thrifty Vacationers

It's that time of year again when we plan our August vacation. You would think six months in advance could assure you of at least a choice of a few places to stay at a reasonable place. The Oregon coast is a given, no swaying from that destination.

We started at a motel that we have stayed at a few times in Manzanita. Nothing? Nothing. As much as we didn't really want to stay in Cannon Beach, I spent a lot of time looking up availability and prices. So much of their lodging is owned by large companies so when you do a search for availability, you are searching through several properties at once. Prices ranged anywhere from 200 to 600 a night; and we wanted to stay six. No can do said I, the tightwad. It's just never been this hard before. They have totally outpriced the average family in that town.

I headed back toward Manzanita and further south. As towns gets smaller, there are less places to stay, but they are cheaper. I looked at Rockaway Beach, where we have stayed before several years ago. Finally, finally, we found a motel that's only a block away from the beach at a price we can live with. For awhile there I thought we were going to have to stay home!!

Now it's just a 6 month wait to be able to go. That's the hardest part of all.


Grumpy said…
Have you ever tried AirBnB? We have found entire homes that allow pets for the same price as motels. Although if you want to be near a beach they get pricey. Just a thought.
kden said…
I did look at AirBnB awhile back for another trip but didn't want to pay the damage deposit and the whole trip up front, as we like to pay cash. For fun though I should see what they have in this area and report back.
Grumpy said…
We were using it a lot in Charleston, SC while my granddaughter was in college. There were not any damage deposits then. We found a great host with a great home. I looked her property up recently and her price has gone up dramatically, mostly due to the damage deposit and other extras. It looks like all the properties have them now so it must be a requirement of AirBnB.
Valerie said…
Choosing somewhere to go was the hardest part for me. No matter where I looked, country or beach, everywhere too expensive. I am almost glad I don't bother anymore.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad you found something. At least you are smart and plan ahead. Me and Mrs. Shife still haven't figured that out yet. We just like to make things that much more interesting for ourselves.

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