.......our first house guest, Gracie. She's a 5 year old Shih Tzu and is as sweet as can be. She's pretty mellow, more of a couch potato but does have some playful moments. She's used to sleeping with her people and since I am a basement dweller, The Kid took on that task. Not used to sharing her bed, she didn't sleep well and ended up on the couch with Gracie in tow. I'm not sure what tonight will bring but it's been real fun having her around.

At first I think Hubby was not too keen on the idea of pet sitting, but as Gracie sat on his lap last night I could see his resolve melting. This was just my solution to missing Nellie so much. And it's because she was such a good dog, it made this decision easier to follow through with.

My appointment calendar is filling up too. Next weekend I will start a 10 day job (in owner's home) watching over a dog and two cats. It's only about 20 minutes from home and 10 minutes from my Mom's so I'll be able to get out and about as long as I spend nights and most of my time there. It will almost like being on vacation and getting paid for it! Then I have reservations for two more weekends of houseguests in March.

I hope I will have something more to write about than animals in the future. But for now it's new, fun, and my life.


Grumpy said…
Looks like fun and I'm sure you'll be getting repeat customers so you'll get to know the pets even better.
Valerie said…
Carry on writing... I enjoy reading your posts. The new visitor is gorgeous and I bet lots of fun too. You must be really pleased you went down the trail of being a 'sitter'.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad it's going well. I think you found the perfect solution for what you wanted and needed after Nellie. Take care.

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