What I Want To Do

As much as I miss my sweet Nell, I know in my heart that I don't want another pet. I like the company, the walks, and furry kisses. We seem to have long living pets, with 2 cats that made it to 18 and 21. Zebra Finch that usually have a short life span lived longer in our home. I would like to have another cat but can you imagine Hubby cleaning the litter box at age 85? He grunts and groans just putting his shoes on now, as do I. And the mess; fur, food, litter, toys, feathers, seed, and poop of all kinds.

We've always had a pet of some kind, but I never realized how clean our house could really be without them.  With shampooing carpet, cleaning walls, and major dusting, it's starting to look good in here.

With that all being said though, I still want to be around animals but not take on the long term commitment. That's why I am pursuing being a Pet Sitter. There are 3 big franchises that offer sitting services in town. One of them is different in that they have an owner in town and cover all types of pets and match a client to a sitter. The other two work with dogs only and prospective clients just look at profiles to find a suitable sitter. I started with Fetch (the first one) by filling out an online application on New Year's Day. After almost two weeks I hadn't heard anything, so I called and left a message. Still nothing so I called and finally got to talk to someone. He wasn't the owner but said he could help me. He found my app and said he would get back to me. Still waiting after three days so I call again. I was not going to give up. I reached the same guy, Bill, who apologized for not getting to my app yet. He said they've been really busy but hoped to get to it by early in the week (meaning today). I asked what the next step would be and he said he would like to meet me and go over the sitting qualifications to see if I'm interested.

So that's where I stand now, just waiting for a call. I have way too much time on my hands now and it sounds like a lot of fun to walk, visit, and have sleepovers with animals. Keep your fingers crossed friends!


Valerie said…
What a brilliant idea. Pity I never thought of that. It's a shame they are keeping you waiting, though. They could lose prospective volunteers that way. My stepdaughter in Australia volunteers every weekend, taking dogs for walks and looking after them in kennels. She loves it.

About cats, mine has two litter trays but uses neither. I haven't had to change the litter for months. Thank goodness for big gardens, that's what I say.

Good luck!
Grumpy said…
Now that sounds like a perfect plan.
Mr. Shife said…
Sounds like a good plan, kden. There's also the option of being a foster parent for a dog until they get adopted. I don't know if that would work for you because you might get too attached. Anyway, the rescue we got Tank from in Utah has a lot of foster parents, and there's a basset hound rescue in Spokane. Just sayin'. =)

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