We Fixed It

Do you ever have one of those home projects you do without professional help and it actually works? We encountered that a few weeks ago and it saved us about 300 bucks.

Our toilet had been flushing slower for at least the last 6 months. We'd plunge and use the natural enzymes to break down stuff but they didn't work. It finally got to the point where it was gasping for air and it would take at least 3 flushes to get the smallest pieces of tissue to go down. We anticipated a hefty bill to snake out either the main drain or roof vents.

We had a plumber come out to take a look. He was a smart guy and said it was basically full of calcium and we were probably looking at buying a new toilet. Dang, it was less than 6 years old. Now that I knew what the problem was, I started researching. I found many references to Meriatic Acid and how it can take care of the problem in a very short amount of time. Trouble is, it's nasty stuff, very dangerous. Then I saw one reference to ACID Magic which is Meriatic, but has 90% less fumes and dangers to the skin.

I found a good website with step-by-step directions and pictures. We bought a gallon of the stuff and went to work. We totally emptied the bowl, put saran over the bowl so what fumes there would be, would not escape. I took the top of the tank off, put a funnel in the overflow tube and slowly poured the acid in. The fluid flows through the small holes and fills the bowl. We opened the window and put a small fan in to pull the air outside, then left the house for a few hours.

This is what we came home to. It looks like someone in the house is very, very sick!

I made Hubby flush, because I was scared to. Whoosh, It worked like new! I can't believe we actually did something that worked. We spent 10 bucks to save 300, what a deal.


Grumpy said…
That's using your head.
kden said…
Well aren't you punny so early in the morning :)
Grumpy said…
That was just too easy.
Valerie said…
Well, congratulations on your bravery and achievement. I wouldn't have dared touch it. I know the feeling though when other attempts have been successful, but it takes me a while to pluck up enough courage even to have a go.
Sherry Sikstrom said…
smart cookie! And I am glad you were safe about it too
Mr. Shife said…
Congrats. That's awesome. It's always fun taking care of something that would cost you a lot with a service call. And the picture you shared looks like I something I might have seen when I lived in the fraternity.

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