If you looked in MY dictionary I'm sure you would read this definition:
im-pey-shuh nt--when kden feels things are not moving along fast enough to her satisfaction.

I am still calling Fetch Pet Care every couple of days. I don't think I'm getting the run-around because he told me they did need help. But he always says things have been so crazy and he hasn't had time and let's try again next week.

Wouldn't it make sense then, if things are so crazy, that he should take time to read an app and get the ball rolling? I know a background check has to be done and some kind of orientation too. I even messaged and emailed the corporate office and haven't got much further with them.

The reason I don't want to foster or just volunteer, is that the income would be nice, especially if my Husband can't find another part time job or if he just says to Hell with it and retires. And for now I'm really only interested in this company because of the variety of the animals to sit for.

I'm just frustrated and bored and want someone to get their shit together so I can have some purpose in life and make some money in the process. So again, I will wait for a phone call this week or have to bug him when he doesn't call.

The Kid finally got her personalized glass piece delivered with some of Nellie's ashes in it. She chose 3 colors to be used, plus they engraved the back with her dates. The tiny silverish threads are her ashes. Then I did something that to some might seem totally absurd. Nellie always loved to go in the car with me. I could have just gone around the block and she would have been happy. I took a small amount of ashes and put them in the corner of a baggie, tied it off with a pink thread and placed it in a pink organza drawstring bag. I made one for each of us. After I finished, I grabbed my bag and said "Come on Nell, let's go for a ride in the car!" I hung it up on the little clothes hanger in the back of the car and I can see it swinging around when I drive, and it makes me smile.


Valerie said…
Love the idea of putting ashes in a swing bag; Nellie is always with you now. Your daughter's idea is good, too. Never heard of that before.

Isn't that strange that you haven't heard from the pet care agency. They sound a bit half-soaked. Whatever the reason, you need to know.
Grumpy said…
Those are great ways to have some of Nellie with you.

You should call that pet sitting agency every day until they give you a satisfactory answer. So far they haven't given you much reason to believe the business is being run with any competence.
Mr. Shife said…
I think the guy will get the message. I'm not a smart man but I know that you don't mess with a determined woman. I think our current president is going to learn all about that soon if he keeps pissing off the ladies. I love what you did with Nellie's ashes to keep her with you. Reading about it made me smile too.

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