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No More

No more potty training No more digging in the yard No more chewing off bushes No more jumping No more pulling on the leash No more obedience training No more barking at the mailman
No more long walks No more puppy sighs No more playing keep-away with toys No more puppy kisses No more traveling companion No more treats No more playing in the snow No more doggy playdates No more lying in your corner of the yard guarding your kingdom No more meeting us at the gate when we come home No more last bites of our dinner No more running in the football field No more compliments on how beautiful you are
No more pain meds No more incontinent meds No more joint meds No more cleaning up accidents No more picking you up off the floor No more sleepless nights Pain… more, Nellie

Merry Merry

A Very Merry post Christmas to you all!
The Kid had her Wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago. It was easy extraction, so they say. I don't have any embarrassing video, just one chuckle-worthy shot of her after we put her coat on. She had her arms sticking straight out and I said she could put them down. She only got them as far as her face and has no recollection of this. They waste no time in getting them out the door; basically just wheeled her out and put her in the car. She was out until we got to the drugstore to pick up her meds. She got the usual anti-biotics as well as a course of Prednisone. For pain they prescribed Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. That seemed a bit extreme to me so thankfully all she needed was the Hydro. When she finished the anti-biotics, she got a rash from them. It doesn't bother her but she looks like she's got measles, even on her palms!

Christmas Eve was spent at my Mom's with brothers and their wives, nephew and wife, and us in attendance. …

Immortalized In Paint

Last Sunday I had my painting session to paint our dog Nellie. After reserving my spot, I had to send a picture of her. This is the one I used and although it's several years old, it's a good one.

What they do is print the same picture in grayscale onto a canvas. It was cool to walk into the room and see them all lined up and ready to come to life. This is mine. They include the original for color/shading reference.

Next we had to choose an instructional sheet on a background we'd like to use, or you could just do what you wanted. That would be for people that knew what in the heck they were doing. That sure wasn't me. I followed along and since the background was a small area, it didn't take too long.

Now onto the fur. Not supposed to use all black, that's used for shading. So I added brown with black since she does have brown in her. Using short small strokes makes for more realistic looking fur. I worked as fast as I could but still wanted it to be darn near…

Enjoyable Evening

Last Saturday we went to a Christmas party hosted by Hubby's boss. It was held in an iconic building downtown called The Steam Plant. It's a refurbished building that once kept the downtown buildings heated from 1916 to 1986. The smokestacks stand 225 feet high and you can take self guided tours inside to see the old pipes, boilers, and displays from different viewpoints. Other than the restaurant, the building houses several retail shops and a brewery. We have been there before but it has been many years.

I learned that the pharmacy got their start 12 years ago and when they began it was was the owner, his wife and one other guy. I'm not sure how many are employed now but the room held about 50 with spouses included. He gave a heartwarming speech thanking everyone for their service and acknowledged that they wouldn't be where they are without their employees.

Our introverted daughter and myself weren't too uncomfortable. A newly hired older gentleman sat with us s…


I don't do politically charged posts, but sometimes you just have to do it and get it off your chest. Humor helps a lot to deal with the disbelief, anger, frustration, and sadness. This is just a sampling of the funnies I have seen the last few weeks.