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You CAN Teach An Old Dog

Listening to Nellie's door knock in the middle of the night is kind of a hit and miss thing. One morning when I let her in, she was covered in frost. Did she knock and I just didn't hear? Or maybe she didn't mind the frosty look. One night I woke up with a start and could hear rain coming down hard. When I got to the door, she was just lying there getting absolutely soaked. I know she must have knocked, more than once. I felt terrible as I gently wiped her off the best I could at 3:00 am.

I began wracking my brain for a solution and thought it would be wonderful if she could ring a doorbell. BINGO! That was it, some kind of a doorbell mat. I searched online and finally found a reasonably priced one that is a chime/alarm. The mats they sell specifically for pets were out of my price range. So stupid when they do the same thing.

I first bought 2 regular cheap mats to sandwich the alarmed one, to keep it dry. The screen door was way too snug to wire the receiver inside so ins…

Got Nuthin'

This is one of those rare times that I have absolutely nothing to write about. Only twice I have posted a re-run and so lets make it three. I went back to year one of my blogging history and found the date closest to this one. I still crack myself up. Hopefully next week I'll have something interesting to talk about.


I hate being sick. I hate every aspect of it. First of all, I can't work, which seriously reduces our grocery budget. Since I am privately paid at my jobs, I don't get sick leave.

Then it's just the overall helpless feeling when you feel like crap and there's nothing you can do about it.

It started with a sore throat so painful it felt like the devil himself was in my throat with a couple of blow torches. In the morning it was only a scratchy throat and I told my husband it was probably allergies. I don't even really have allergies, so it was pure denial that I could actually be getting sick. Our daughter was sick the week before, but I …

Season Of Changes

Our Daughter has been back at college for three weeks now, hard to believe she is a Senior. She's taking Web 1, Ceramics for her Art Minor and a class for her Major. Having no classes on Friday and her own car, she drives home on Thursday after her only class. Pretty good schedule if you ask me. She's in the same apartment as last year. She has two new roommates, and the messy one is gone. Although I haven't been there since summer, she said it's much better.

Nellie has officially turned 16. Her back legs are weaker and she falls down a lot. We are torn between walking her to strengthen them, or not walk her because she's weak. She also has arthritis in one of her front elbows and limps bad after a longer walk. When traffic stops to let us cross, people probably think I am forcing her to walk. Truth is, she is a stubborn little poop who doesn't like me to cut her off to a shorter one. Other than that, she is really healthy, her Vet is always amazed when I bring…

Not Bad

Our new couch was delivered last Thursday, in a huge box. I knew from the reviews that it would have to be put together and my daughter and I could handle it. The hardest part was getting it out of the box. We had to cut down the sides to get our hands under it. The second hardest part was carrying this couch part to its final destination and having to step over Nellie. Would she move and make it easier for us? No, she would rather risk the impending squishing if we dropped in on her.

We tipped it on its side to screw on the legs and then grabbed the back out of the box. Having to line up the metal rails was challenging. When I got my side in, The Kid couldn't line hers up. So she held my side while I did her side. It was a tight fit, which is better than too loose and sloppy.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes, and we were sitting on a new couch. It's a bit firm and has a shorter seat than our old one but since I'm short waisted, it fits fine. I use my recliner  most o…

One Of Those Days

Do you ever just have one of those days???

It's 3:50 in the afternoon and I am spent. Done in. Exhausted. Yesterday, everything was fine, until all Hell broke loose.

I ordered a new couch through Walmart last week and got notification of its delivery date. Hopefully that purchase will not have to be another blog post (in a bad way that is). Anyway, I knew I needed to get rid of the old couch. A free listing on Craigslist ought to do it. I started getting phone calls right away but as the day wore on, people were getting flakier. One guy even had a love seat to match, brought a dolly to haul it out and called his helper who was going to meet him here. He said he was going to go get him and be back in 5 minutes. He never came back. More people calling and texting. Do I hold out for the guy that needs it the most or the one that can be here the quickest? If you think it's hard to sell something on CL, just try to give it away.

In the meantime I'm washing dishes in the bathroo…