Merry Merry

A Very Merry post Christmas to you all!

The Kid had her Wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago. It was easy extraction, so they say. I don't have any embarrassing video, just one chuckle-worthy shot of her after we put her coat on. She had her arms sticking straight out and I said she could put them down. She only got them as far as her face and has no recollection of this. They waste no time in getting them out the door; basically just wheeled her out and put her in the car. She was out until we got to the drugstore to pick up her meds. She got the usual anti-biotics as well as a course of Prednisone. For pain they prescribed Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. That seemed a bit extreme to me so thankfully all she needed was the Hydro. When she finished the anti-biotics, she got a rash from them. It doesn't bother her but she looks like she's got measles, even on her palms!

Christmas Eve was spent at my Mom's with brothers and their wives, nephew and wife, and us in attendance. I made a baked potato bar and we had spiral ham and other goodies too. It was a nice evening and we were home about 9:30.

Christmas morning was fun and cozy with just us three. I always put together one crazy gift for The Kid. Usually I fill her stocking with candy but decided to switch it up. Instead I put in practical things like deodorant, toothpaste, notepads, etc. She was quite perplexed to not find any candy in there. Hubby then asked her to go get something out of his dresser and she came back with this.

I rolled 6.5 lbs of candy into a giant ball with saran wrap and tape. It took her quite awhile to unwrap it all. I told her I still got some tricks up my sleeve!

Didn't hear a peep from The Sons. Not one word. They couldn't take  a minute out of their day to say Merry Christmas to their Dad or Sister, truly sad and disrespectful if you ask me.

Well that wraps up the end of the year for us and I guess we'll meet again next year.


Valerie said…
Hope your daughter is recovering from the extraction. Been there myself and wouldn't like to go through it again. I like the well wrapped sweets, or I would if I could taste them. Know what you mean about sons... mine doesn't usually bother but this year he did. I guess he felt bad that I was on my own.

Happy New Year to you all.
Grumpy said…
Dentistry, like medicine, has become an assembly line.

6.5 lbs. of candy? I wish somebody would do that for me? She must be in heaven.

Happy New Year!
Mr. Shife said…
Happy New Year, my dear friend. And hope your daughter is feeling better.
Sherry Sikstrom said…
wishing you a belated Marry Christmas and Happy New year! hope your girl is feeling better, I had a terrible time with my wisdom teeth but that is 30 some yrs ago( I hear they are better at it now
Sherry Sikstrom said…
Merry Christmas! dang I need an editor

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