Enjoyable Evening

Last Saturday we went to a Christmas party hosted by Hubby's boss. It was held in an iconic building downtown called The Steam Plant. It's a refurbished building that once kept the downtown buildings heated from 1916 to 1986. The smokestacks stand 225 feet high and you can take self guided tours inside to see the old pipes, boilers, and displays from different viewpoints. Other than the restaurant, the building houses several retail shops and a brewery. We have been there before but it has been many years.

I learned that the pharmacy got their start 12 years ago and when they began it was was the owner, his wife and one other guy. I'm not sure how many are employed now but the room held about 50 with spouses included. He gave a heartwarming speech thanking everyone for their service and acknowledged that they wouldn't be where they are without their employees.

Our introverted daughter and myself weren't too uncomfortable. A newly hired older gentleman sat with us so we kind of kept to ourselves but met many co-workers. A week or so ago my Husband actually told me he liked this job. I have never heard those words come out of his mouth...ever.

We all enjoyed horderves, dinner, drinks, and dessert. After dinner, each employee grabbed a big tin of gourmet cookies, along with a smaller tin that held 2 movie vouchers, and $100 gift card to a restaurant. He got The Old Spaghetti Factory, his favorite. Another employee gives out socks (don't know why), so he got a nice pair of dress socks. The best was a bonus for $500.00...to an employee that has only been there less than 2 months. I could tell it made my Husband very happy and feel good to be a part of such a good business.

Feeling full and very grateful we waddled our way back to the car. We had parked in a lot without paying but found no ticket on our window. Boom, another bonus!


Grumpy said…
Sounds like the kind of company to work for.
Valerie said…
It would be quite an experience dining out in such a place. It's great when companies show their appreciation, makes working for them a pleasure.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear you had a nice evening and that the hubby is enjoying his job. That's awesome news.

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