What Are You Going To School For?

Since the beginning of the school year at my Daughter's college, there have been 7 sexual assaults reported. That's in 2 months. It's hard to determine if assaults have actually gone up or girls are just reporting more with educational awareness.

Image result for ewu campusSexual assault is a horrible crime whether it's perpetrated by Cosby, Trump, or a dumb college student. There is no excuse that warrants that kind of behavior towards a woman.

BUT......and this is the whole point I want to get across. You've got to stay away from activities or situations that could possibly put you in harm's way. Most of these assaults were associated where drugs/alcohol were present. The latest one was off campus, where a 17 year old girl went to a party. Some attacks were after a party (off campus) when women were going back to their dorm in the wee hours of the morning. Call me an old fuddy duddy but school isn't an invitation to party your 4 years away. No matter who's paying for it, you owe yourself/them the respect enough to get that education. I can't say I was much smarter in my college days and I'm pretty lucky I came out unscathed. But things were different then. Date rape drugs weren't around. Rapists were people like Kevin Coe, who attacked women on jogging trails. We just weren't afraid back then at school, but now campus attacks are on the rise, even at small colleges. And now will it get even worse with a President that thinks it's alright to do so?

So, come on girls; know your surroundings, go with a friend and stick with them, never let your drink out of sight, and don't let a strange guy walk you back to your dorm. Better yet, stay in your dorm and study....isn't that the reason you are going to school?

And boys, really? Girls don't come to your parties to be attacked. If this is all you have on your mind, maybe you don't deserve to be in college. When you are caught and arrested, you will be thrown out of school and into the court system. Your life will be forever changed. You will be labeled a rapist. You will have irreparably harmed the girl you attacked and your parent's trust.

Boys and Girls when you apply for college, go for that reason only. You can do all the stupid stuff you want after you graduate. Stay smart.....and safe.


Grumpy said…
I don't think you can spend your college years locked in your dorm or apartment. However, the suggestions you make for staying safe should be part of freshman orientation.
Valerie said…
Times are terrible for this sort of thing. It happens here too. We can't deny the youngsters their freedom but I wonder if school and parental advice on the subject is taken seriously. You only have to look at the way some kids dress to realise their minds are on attracting the opposite sex and that's a starting point in a boy's eye.
Grumpy said…
@Valerie: Any woman should be able to dress however she wants and not be subjected to harassment or assault. You're blaming the victims.
Mr. Shife said…
It's a shame. Stuff like this scares me to death when I think about my little people going off to school. It's a whole different world when you are a parent.

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