Here I sit early on Sunday morning enjoying a cup of coffee with chocolate mint cocoa mix in it and a few biscotti cookies. I haven't been up early on a Sunday in a long time. I could hear Nellie pacing around wanting out so I arose to find she had pooped right in front of the door. That had to be cleaned before I could open the door. She still frantically wanted out and I was working as fast as I could. At least she made it that far though and missed the living room altogether. All of that lovely mess at 6:00 am; so I deserve those cookies dammit!

Thanksgiving was good, just us three. Didn't have to clean the house for anyone and kitchen clean-up went pretty fast. We took leftovers to Mom's yesterday and still have some left. The best part, turkey stock, will be made today.

As our tradition, we put our tree up the next day. We bought some Tree Dazzler lights (don't laugh). First we put on a few strands of regular lights and then the new ones on top, concentrating the strands on the sides and front. With the right setting--not too fast, they look real pretty. We put our pallet Christmas tree out front up against the window. If anyone wants to take it, I wish them luck. It took all we had to haul it upstairs from the basement.

December seems like a busy month so far. We have a Christmas party to go to for my husband's work next weekend. It will be the first EVER work related party we have gone to. On the 11th, I'm going to a sip n paint business in town to do a pet portrait. I've been waiting for that one to come around again for quite awhile. You send them a picture and they print an outline on the canvas and set up the colors needed. Mine should be easy, all black and some white for the grey fur. I'm looking forward to it, hope I can do her justice.

The Kid is working on her finals now. They don't really have tests, just projects. She's doing a lot of Web work and it's both fun and frustrating. She should be home on break by the 8th. On the 15th she is scheduled for surgery to get her wisdom teeth out. Two of them are almost lying down pushing on others and she wanted to be totally 'out' for that so we had to make an appointment as a sleep dentistry office. Sounds like a fun time in the ol' Mozzarella house for a week after that!

Then there's Christmas, the always unpredictable holiday. What to eat, who's going to be there? My Sister-In-Law who is still battling her cancer issues, almost two years later. She's had the usual chemo and radiation. There was a big surgery to take out an abdominal tumor which has sent her back in the hospital at least 10 times since, for procedures and infections. Another surgery to hopefully fix what all of the procedures could not, sent her back just a week later with an infection in her port and then she caught the flu in the hospital! Needless to say, we're not sure if she will be there or not. It's a day by day thing.

We did the 52 week money challenge again this year and only have a bit left to add to it to make the total of $1378.00. Saving money is almost like a sport to me, I get a big thrill out of it!

That sums up the 'almost the end of year' things for us!


Valerie said…
I like this, it was real newsy. I hope your sister-in-law gets through Christmas without having to go into hospital. It must be hell for her 100%. I also hope we get to see the cat picture, I've never heard of that sort of art before. Something else I've not heard of is adjustable Christmas lights. How cool is that?
Grumpy said…
I'm assuming a portrait of Nellie?
kden said…
Oh yes, of course Nellie. I assumed you could all read my mind.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad Thanksgiving went well. We also got all of our Christmas stuff up the next day. Fortunately for me, the weather cooperated and I was able to get the lights up without freezing. Enjoy your December. It does sound busy. I am just taking it day-by-day as I know we have a lot going on. Take care.

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