Ding Dong

Hubby and I took another stab at our doggy doorbell problem. The only other solution was to bring it in under the screen and wood doors. Since they both were such a tight fit, we first used a drill to dig out a small trough in the wooden threshold for the wire to fit in. Then we cut out a small piece of the rubber under the wooden door to do the same. Placing some brown duct tape over all and added a few staples for good measure, I then put the speaker on the stair landing under a small box to muffle the sound. It's not pretty but very function-able.

So far it is working great. The first night it woke me from a dead sleep but she got her point across! If she would just step on it once, it would be great. But she moves around so much I feel like I'm waking up in a 7-Eleven store after the bars close.

In other exciting news I got my two crowns on Tuesday. Such an unpleasant and expensive experience. After four hours of torture I finally got to come home and take a nap. When I woke up the house was dark and Old Nellie had gotten up and poked me in the back of the head with  her nose. I guess she just wanted to check and see if I was alive like we do to her sometimes. We got each other's backs.

My Husband's job is coming along nicely. He didn't get the original 4-hour route that he wanted because someone had left, so he needed to fill in for her. It's a 6-hour route and he is usually home by 9pm. It's a lot better than working 9-12 hours and getting home at 2:30am. He's getting used to using a GPS,  although still gets lost sometimes. They are slowly breaking him into using the computer too. It sounds like a good company to work for and we're looking forward to their Christmas party at a pretty swank restaurant.

I'm so thankful tomorrow the worst election on history will be over. But unfortunately it really won't be. If Clinton is our next President, Trump won't ever shut up. And if he wins, he won't ever shut up. I don't think it will be 'over' for a long time.


Grumpy said…
Sounds like everything is working out great. Now we just need Trump to go away. Maybe he will just become a minor annoyance that the news won't cover all the time.
Valerie said…
Had to smile when I read about the dog's door bell.... couldn't you put a notice on it to say 'once only' ... grins. Your husband's working hours would kill me, or rather the travelling time would.
Mr. Shife said…
I'm glad all is well with Nellie, your dentist visit, and the hubby's job. As far as the election goes, well we just have to wait and see but I'm not feeling overly optimistic.

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