You CAN Teach An Old Dog

Listening to Nellie's door knock in the middle of the night is kind of a hit and miss thing. One morning when I let her in, she was covered in frost. Did she knock and I just didn't hear? Or maybe she didn't mind the frosty look. One night I woke up with a start and could hear rain coming down hard. When I got to the door, she was just lying there getting absolutely soaked. I know she must have knocked, more than once. I felt terrible as I gently wiped her off the best I could at 3:00 am.

I began wracking my brain for a solution and thought it would be wonderful if she could ring a doorbell. BINGO! That was it, some kind of a doorbell mat. I searched online and finally found a reasonably priced one that is a chime/alarm. The mats they sell specifically for pets were out of my price range. So stupid when they do the same thing.

I first bought 2 regular cheap mats to sandwich the alarmed one, to keep it dry. The screen door was way too snug to wire the receiver inside so instead I placed it in the window well just a few feet away from the back porch. This window well is right above my bed. Brilliant! Her own personal butler chime, with me being the butler. The chime is 90 decibels which was way too loud. I put some tape over the speaker, wrapped it lightly in a towel, and placed it in a bucket. That way only I will be able to hear it and it won't wake the entire house, or the neighborhood. Then I bought an old window frame from someone on Facebook's new Marketplace (it's like Craigslist but you can actually see who the seller is and message them directly). We placed it over the window well which will keep the receiver dry.

If you can't tell, I am the old dog here, not Nellie. I had a dilemma, I found the solution and fixed it.

***Last minute edit. It seems this old dog did not account for 48 hours of rain. The window pane did not keep the water out. The ding dong bell rang when it wanted to which caused me to jump out of bed several times for no reason. It is now inside until I come up with another solution.


Grumpy said…
Pretty ingenious solution. How about getting Home Depot to cut you a piece of acrylic to fit over the window well?
Valerie said…
Ingenious! So when you fix the final solution, you could market it. Make a fortune. I mean, you do need your sleep. I hadn't heard of a doorbell mat before.
Mr. Shife said…
You are on the right path. Hopefully you will have a wonderful solution soon. Good luck.

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