Season Of Changes

Our Daughter has been back at college for three weeks now, hard to believe she is a Senior. She's taking Web 1, Ceramics for her Art Minor and a class for her Major. Having no classes on Friday and her own car, she drives home on Thursday after her only class. Pretty good schedule if you ask me. She's in the same apartment as last year. She has two new roommates, and the messy one is gone. Although I haven't been there since summer, she said it's much better.

Nellie has officially turned 16. Her back legs are weaker and she falls down a lot. We are torn between walking her to strengthen them, or not walk her because she's weak. She also has arthritis in one of her front elbows and limps bad after a longer walk. When traffic stops to let us cross, people probably think I am forcing her to walk. Truth is, she is a stubborn little poop who doesn't like me to cut her off to a shorter one. Other than that, she is really healthy, her Vet is always amazed when I bring her in. I believe she is surviving on our love alone sometimes, because that's all we can offer her. And treats, lots of treats. Oh, and she does miss her window. Everyday she peeks around both ends of the couch just to see if it's still there. Then she turns around a few times and lays down in defeat.

Nothing new with me except I was sick last week. Four days of Vertigo culminating in the tossing of my cookies before bed. Although I didn't sleep great, I woke up hungry and the Vertigo was absolutely gone. Maybe it was a virus but it was very strange and something I would never want to repeat. I saw my dentist last week who said I needed two more crowns. I've been very happy with no pain and thought I was done with all that, so I'm pretty disappointed with that development.

I've started putting all of my glass totems away, picking the last of the garden goodies and pulling up plants. It's always a sad time because you know winter is right around the corner; not my favorite part of year. I did make a couple batches of tomato sauce in our pressure cooker to freeze. That will taste pretty good this winter.

The biggest change is that my Husband is starting a new job today! Ever since he started working for the school bus company, he has been looking for a part time driving job. Many resumes were sent over the last few years. Last year he interviewed for an independent community mental health pharmacy company, who supplies medications to group homes and assisted living facilities. They deliver the medications throughout central and eastern Washington. As a new company, they didn't have anything open at that time. But the owner promised him he was on top of the list. Hubby would still drop in occasionally to see what was new. He was called once but turned it down because of the hours.

This school year on the bus, he has a good driver and seems more at ease with the job. So when the Pharmacist called again with another route, he almost thought of not taking it. It took me some time to convince him that it would be better for him because he wouldn't always have a good driver to work with. Plus, he has already gotten smacked in the head by a 4th grader within the second week of school.

His actual route won't begin until next month so for now he will be learning all of the routes and training to become a Pharmacist's Assistant/Driver. His route will be driving to one small community close by, with the hours of afternoon through early evening.  I agree that if he HAS to work, it should be on his terms and something he enjoys. The bus company was sad to see him go and even the GM told him he was always welcome back. They don't extend that invitation to everyone.

Change can be good I guess, in seasons and in life. I hope that your changes of season are treating you all well.


Grumpy said…
Sounds like the perfect part time job. I wish him well.

Can't believe the Kid is a Senior. Time does fly.

Good for Nellie; stubbornness is a good sign.

Valerie said…
I hope the vertigo goes away soon.
Sending prayers for Nellie and best wishes to your husband. I remember when my two dogs had similar medical issues (not both together) and how upsetting it was. I would do anything for an animal in pain.

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