One Of Those Days

Do you ever just have one of those days???

It's 3:50 in the afternoon and I am spent. Done in. Exhausted. Yesterday, everything was fine, until all Hell broke loose.

I ordered a new couch through Walmart last week and got notification of its delivery date. Hopefully that purchase will not have to be another blog post (in a bad way that is). Anyway, I knew I needed to get rid of the old couch. A free listing on Craigslist ought to do it. I started getting phone calls right away but as the day wore on, people were getting flakier. One guy even had a love seat to match, brought a dolly to haul it out and called his helper who was going to meet him here. He said he was going to go get him and be back in 5 minutes. He never came back. More people calling and texting. Do I hold out for the guy that needs it the most or the one that can be here the quickest? If you think it's hard to sell something on CL, just try to give it away.

FREE-One well used couch
In the meantime I'm washing dishes in the bathroom sink because our kitchen sink got clogged last night. My husband tried a plunger and a snake but all me managed to do was pop off a pipe from under the drain. We called a guy that we've had come out a few times. Nice and helpful when he's not busy. Now he's swamped and said he might be able to drop by to re-attach the pipe. He arrives but I say it may not be unclogged. He said he can't do that unless I have a snake. He pulls everything apart and finds the clog but our little snake can't handle it. In the meantime he's telling his partner that they have to go. So I was left with a huge mess and no fix. Stinky black water all over my kitchen floor. One guy cleaned it up but I was still left with no usable sink.

Back to the drawing board to find a plumber. I found a local guy on CL, their business name is actually called The Local Guys. He was there within a half-an-hour. He had good reviews but I thought he was expensive. But what are you going to do? You need things like running water and sinks, and not to have to take showers with your pots and pans. He also had to replace a leaking drain strainer.

To add a little fun into the mix, I am house sitting a cat nearby, visiting twice a day. I finally got out of the house to go see him after Hubby got home and grabbed some dinner to bring home. By the time I arrived, the couch was gone and the sink was fixed.

I'm still cleaning up the kitchen and re-arranging furniture and hoping I don't have another One Of These Days for awhile.


Valerie said…
Oh my, what an awful time. I feel for you, having gone through similar days along with similar frustration. I'm glad it's all over now - put it behind you and enjoy your new couch.
Grumpy said…
At least you came out of it with a good story and we all know a good story lasts much longer than a good time.
Mr. Shife said…
Here's hoping you don't have one of those days again too. Enjoy your weekend and the new couch, kden.

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