Sometimes I just get a wild hair and feel like I need to make a change in the house.

We have a wall that after I painted years ago, I put up pictures. All people pictures; baby, graduation, wedding, grandparents, great grandparents and many of our daughter. But I wanted something different up there.

My daughter and I take a lot of photos and although we have some of them around the house, I wanted a whole wall to show them off. So all the people came down. We cleaned the wall and frames and took out all of the pictures. We then counted each size and divided them up between us. That gave us each 13 frames of various sizes to work with. Now the hard part, to only choose 13 of our favorites and which size of frame we were going to put them in.

We took our thumb drive to Walmart to place our order and picked them up the next day. It was fun deciding which photo should go in which frame. The frame is what makes the photo look good or bad. Hanging them was a bit challenging. We used most of the same nails so had to find the right sized frames to use in those spaces. After some adjusting and a few nail moving and removing, we think we finally have it looking good. They sure invoke a lot of good memories of all the places we've been and the fun we've had. It only took 4 days in all, which is a lot less time than I thought it would. Now I wish I hadn't procrastinated all summer.

The wall looks less crowded and jumbled up and we love the new look. So I will now introduce you to--The Mozzarella Hall Of Fame!




Grumpy said…
That is better than all the people, who will now probably end up in a box in the basement.
Valerie said…
What a brilliant idea, kden. Attractive as well with the different frames. You have avoided sameness which can be boring to the viewer. Yes I love your idea, well done.
Mr. Shife said…
I like it, kden. It looks great. Are you available for hire? Our walls could use some help. Take care.

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