He Did It

When we signed up for high speed internet several years ago, we wanted to go with a local company to be our isp. Little did I know that we would have to have Century Link still come out to hook us up. So all this time we've been paying both businesses for their services. They both offered discounts in the beginning but that is long gone now.

I had been contemplating switching our isp to CL but was dreading the phone call where no one understands what I'm trying to explain. I'm not a dummy but still have problems conveying things sometimes. Last week we got an email from our isp company telling us that they were closing shop....so now I had to make that call.

The first call I botched so bad I just hung up. Sigh. The next girl I got knew exactly what I wanted and the ordering went very smoothly and she said it would only raise our bill by a few dollars a month. We anxiously waited for the CL technician to take care of his bit with the wiring and knew by the end of the day we would be running faster than we ever had.

I got home about 4:00 and no internet yet...but also no phone. The first issue I could be patient about but not having a phone, when it made sense that it was a direct result of them not following through. Another dreaded phone call. She tested the line and said everything was fine of course. If I'm using my cell phone it's kind of obvious it's not. She asked if I had another phone to attach to my line, I said no. Then she actually said, "Can you borrow one from a neighbor?" That's where I pretty much lost it. I hate jumping through the stupid hoops when I know it's more than that. Finally I told her it had been a bad day and that I was going to hang up. She was still blathering on when I did. My Mom had phone problems that same morning and I had to deal with all of that because she was close to being hysterical over it.

The next day my husband called and pretty much got the same story, that all was well. He asked to speak with a supervisor, same story. Finally he threatened them with calling the Attorney General, which he would never do, but they agreed to send a repairman out the next day.

Guy came, looked and listened. He hooked up his own phone and got no dial tone. After awhile he traced the problem back where the guy before him didn't stick something in the right slot on a pole. Something as simple as that causes us to go nuts and make us feel like we are wrong/stupid. It was the same thing at my Mom's whereas the guy blamed the guy before him for not putting in a little plastic thing.

So much wasted manpower by re-doing someone else's work. Maybe that's their plan, by creating a pact where the guy on the first call messes up just enough to have to call out a second guy. Over and over again they create their own job security. And meanwhile we are left at home tearing our hair out and putting up with panicking Mothers.


Valerie said…
I know EXACTLY how you felt. Sometimes, talking to 'professionals' is like beating head against brick wall. And don't they make you feel stupid sometimes? Anyway, I'm glad you're sorted now and have phone and internet back to normal.
Grumpy said…
Customer service is a thing of the past.
Mr. Shife said…
I have called CenturyLink, DirecTV and AT&T enough times that I feel like the expert when I'm talking to them. I can call 5 times and get 5 different answers. It's always refreshing when you actually get someone decent on the phone that really provides "customer service." Glad you got your problem solved. Take care.

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