Goofy Dog

Our Sweet Nellie has always loved being outside during the day. Lying on the hot sidewalk to warm her bones, then following the shade patches around. Even in the winter, she loves lying in the snow for hours on end. But sleeping outside? She has never done that...until this summer.

She has always been content to eat her last snack then toddle off to her bed at the end of our bed. This Spring, she started getting goofy and wanted out during the night. That means somebody was losing sleep being on call to let her out, then back in. When our daughter came home for the summer she was the designated one to do the chore. Sometimes it was multiple times during the night. Finally I just told her to let Nellie out, shut the door and go back to bed.

Now that is her new routine, one last snack, then outside when we go to bed. She doesn't have a dog house, rather enjoying lying in the cool grass. Who ever gets up first lets her in. If she wants in earlier, she makes it very clear by knocking on the screen door with her foot or head. BANG goes the door. So she isn't locked out at night, it's her choice.

But now as Fall is coming on it's dropping down to the 40's at night. And Heavens, what about Winter?! Will she continue this new sleeping ritual? She's already all wet in the  morning from collecting dew. I imagine that soon she will come in with frost on her butt or be covered by a foot of snow.

Jack Frost will soon be nipping at her nose and toes
She is a shallow breather and you can't see her taking breaths until you are practically on top of her. Every morning I look out the window and hope that she will get up. She will be 16 in about a month, to the best of my guessing ability. I hope that when she does go, that it will be peacefully in her sleep in her yard that she loves so much.


Grumpy said…
Actually, that's how I would like to go.

It's funny how dogs habits change; ours changes her routine from time to time. Of course, like you, we accommodate her.
Valerie said…
It was only when he got old that my dog started to sleep indoors at night, for which I was truly grateful. I'm now into cats.... and leave a window open for mine to get to the cat-flap thus going in or out without disturbing me.
Mr. Shife said…
Oh sweet Nellie. Glad she is still doing well and enjoying the little things. I'm so not ready for Jack Frost to visit. Take care kden.
Travis Erwin said…
Maybe she is having hot flashes and enjoys the cool night air.

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