Spider Wars

My older brother and I sometimes resort to our childhood shenanigans. It started last summer when I dug out an old plastic spider I used to scare Hubby with. I took it to my Mom's and tied it to the lawnmower that he uses. He retaliated by putting it in the yard shoes I leave there. I'm not really afraid of spiders but it did startle me a bit. Now if he had used a rubber mouse I would have did some dancing and screaming.

Since all he does is mow the lawn I didn't have many good hiding spots so on my turn, I hung it from the inside of the shed door. I found it next on the inside of the shed door that I use. Every time I opened that door it got me, even knowing it was there.

By then it was fall and he wasn't mowing, but he started it up this summer by putting it above my sun visor when we were there at the same time. I didn't find it until a week later when I was driving down the road. Again, glad it wasn't a mouse!

I had to get pretty inventive now so came up with the brilliant idea of tying it to the toilet seat so when he lifts the seat.......boo ya! That would be great except the guy never pees. (My husband does though and we could hear him yell from the dining room) It took him a whole month to use the bathroom but when he came out, Mom said that he was laughing. I think she's enjoyed the war as much as we have. He wasn't smart enough to take it with him though so I grabbed it and will have to plot my next spider attack.

I may just keep it at home and torture my husband a bit more. At least I can watch his reactions, and boy does he react! Let the spider wars begin......again.


Valerie said…
What fun! Although I don't think it would seem funny if I kept coming across a spider, real or otherwise. I think I'd cope with a mouse better.
Grumpy said…
I'm more interested in knowing how your brother never has to pee. That's like having a super power.
fernvalley01 said…
you are a badass! lol what fun!
Mr. Shife said…
Too funny. I think you should torture the husband a little bit more. It sounds like it would be very entertaining.

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