Sip and Paint

For a few years now, the business of adding a little wine/beer, an instructor and paint, has become popular. A FB friend of mine has done several of them and it looked like a lot of fun. About a year ago, one of the venues was having a 'pet' night where you brought a picture of your pet to paint. I wanted to go sooooo bad and put out a plea on FB for someone to go with me. Ok, I begged. No one wanted to go and I was really bummed.

So finally when The Kid turned 21, I knew who I was dragging along with me. I found a place kind of far away across the border into Idaho, but they discount their paintings through the summer. We chose the painting and day we wanted to go and made an appointment. This is what we were going to be painting. It's an abstract using mostly a pallet knife for the butterfly.

The room holds up to 40, but we had a small class of 14. The instructor walked us through every step and stroke. The background was no problem, easy peasy. Then came the body. Adding the wings is where I messed up. The angle was just all wrong and it went suckily downhill from there; in my opinion. The Kid wasn't doing any better. We're glad we went though and had a good laugh when we got home. Maybe we'll do it again sometime, although I think I'm a lot better at coloring and painting ceramics.

This is the group photo and it's cool to see everyone's different rendition of the same picture.


Grumpy said…
Is there a designated driver for the trip home?
kden said…
I only had one beer right at the beginning. Faith didn't have anything but it's a bit out of her comfort level to drive that far.
Valerie said…
So, are you in the picture? I was going to ask about the beer but you've already answered that question.
kden said…
Val, I'm in the bottom row in green and my cute little girl is to the right :)
Valerie said…
Nice, and the bow!
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome. I'm glad you got to do it and I think the paintings look great. Sounds like fun.

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