Nellie Takes A Trip

Hey it's me, Nellie! My Mom is pretty tired today after just getting home from our little trip so I thought I'd fill you all in on how it went. Last Sunday morning they loaded the car up and then decided to throw me in the back. They made it all nice looking and comfy but I still didn't like going in that way.

I would lay down for awhile, then stand up and pace back and forth. When they stopped at a rest area I tried to get myself out MY way and end up tangled up in the food box. That's when my hip went out. Mom carried me under a shady tree so my Dad could work on me to get it back in. When we finally got to our destination I was tired, hot, and confused. I got caught in between the wall and bed so I just crashed and slept for a long time. That night I slept on the deck just because it was hot in the room. The next day I got to lay here for hours and rest up.

My family took turns staying with me while the other two would go out and about. I loved walking around the property, they had a nice grassy area and a hill that I walked up every day when my Dad walked me. Every time I went outside, I wanted to walk up that hill! One day we even had visitors up on the lawn.

In the evening we would go up and sit on the lawn and watch the birds and listen to the river. Usually I would take advantage of a cat sighting to chase it, but I was too comfortable lying down and he did not seem impressed with me at all.

I had my family convinced that I was afraid of the deck because I fell a lot on the slick boards. So my dad was inside the room and I walk out there, knocked some chairs over that were blocking (ha ha, not really) an exit, walked under a safety rope and was walking in front of the deck just 2 feet from the edge of the river bank. My Dad just about pooped his pants, ran to grab my leash and followed me out on the edge of the bank to get me before I became fish food. I'm surprised he even told Mom about that!

Just when I was getting used to this new routine, they packed the car back up and threw me in again. I was a little more chill on the way home except for trying to jump out the back instead of waiting for someone to get me, kind of like a kid jumping in a swimming pool before the parent is ready. I can be an obstinate old broad sometimes.

All in all I'm glad they took me and I hope they feel the same way. Here are some more pics my Mom took, and now I'm going to go back to doing what I do best, ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

More deer with babies close by
The cabins
Wenatchee river, cabins on right bank
Really low river this time of year


Grumpy said…
Nellie, you sure know how to enjoy a vacation. Sounds like a great time.
Valerie said…
Nellie, tell your Mom I loved the pictures. Sorry to hear about the hip, what a time for a displacement. I am impressed that your Dad was able to get the hip back in position, is that clever or what?
Mr. Shife said…
Ahhh, thanks for sharing, Nellie. Very nice of you. Looks like a wonderful time and the pictures are great.

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