Garden Ramblings

Things are finally starting to ripen in our garden. Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and cukes are being eaten as fast as we can pick them. The regular tomatoes have been very pokey and we haven't been able to pick ONE of them. This mystery plant started growing out of our compost. We knew it was probably some kind of squash but not sure as to what kind. They got very large and rotund so we picked them and ate them either raw or grilled. One night I noticed the consistency was stringy. Ah ha, mystery solved! We got ourselves some spaghetti squash. It's probably been well over a year since we had put seeds in the compost so that little guy waited all that time before it sprouted. We'll leave them alone now so they can ripen to a golden yellow instead of a pasty green.

We've been back to Green Bluff a few times, once to pick beans in a storm. It wasn't planned that way but it was thundering and lightening when we got there. It sure made us pick a lot faster though. We were able to freeze several meals' worth that should carry us through Thanksgiving. 

They also have a large greenhouse with just tomatoes, LARGE tomatoes. We can have our fried green tomatoes now instead of waiting till the end of the season. Grilling them was OK but I'd rather do them in the oven and get them done all at once. It's a messy and time consuming job but sooooooo worth it.

I bought a food dehydrator on CL so we could make some zucchini chips. The trip there was almost not worth the effort. I didn't think it would be a 2 hour round trip, some of it on gravel road. People that live in the boonies apparently don't have to live by any city codes and their houses look like run down shacks. The woman is a dog breeder and the place just grossed me out; The Kid wouldn't even get out of the car. But I cleaned the dehydrator well and it works.

We tried to make some zucchini chips but I cut them too thin and they dried to a crisp right on the tray. We chipped off what we could but then soaked the trays in  hot water to re-hydrated them. As they floated to the top, they went in the compost, yuk. It was a disappointing first attempt considering the work we put into it.

That's all that's new with us because it's been too darn hot to do anything else.


Grumpy said…
Those fried green tomatoes look wonderful.
Valerie said…
Cukes? Zucchini? I'll have to Google them. I admire your ability to grow food. I've been too lazy all my life.
kden said…
Val, cukes are short for cucumber and zucchini is also known as summer squash (I think). It's been a lot of trial and error over the years and hard work but in the end there is a great satisfaction to eat something we actually grew from a tiny seed.
Mr. Shife said…
Wow. Nice work. Almost inspiring enough for me to do some gardening next year. I still think we have to wait a few more years because the kids are still more interested in mud pie factories. Take care kden.

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