Party Of Three

Yesterday was my Birthday. I didn't want to do anything fancy so we decided to take a short hike near Cheney, in the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. The channeled scablands were formed from volcanic activity and ice age floods. We were there several years ago but didn't realize there were so many walking trails. There are about 18,000 acres in all, we only walked 2 and-a-half miles of it.

It was a cool morning, but definitely better than too hot. As soon as we got out of our car we could hear so many birds. All but a few we never get to hear in the city. We walked slowly around the bodies of water and took in the sights and sounds. Then we drove the 5.5 mile car tour before heading home.

Every photographer needs a camera backpack

It was a great walk and later in the evening we BBQ'd, had a gourmet cupcake and I opened my gifties. It was a great day and a perfect way to spend a birthday, with just a Party Of Three.


Grumpy said…
A belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.
Valerie said…
Looks nice. Walking and bird-watching was my idea of heaven, especially in a pretty place. Sadly those days are gone. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday outing.
Mr. Shife said…
Happy belated birthday. Glad you had a wonderful party, and thanks for sharing the awesome pictures.

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