Flowers, Lights, Birds, and Glass

I love this time of year, when spring hasn't quite become the hot, stay-indoors summer. The flower beds are clear of weeds, garden is planted, and flowers are starting to bloom.

A flower 'bed'

I have a passion for solar lights. It started several years with a 2 1/2 ft tall lighthouse I asked my husband to get me for my birthday. Every birthday since, he has gotten me some type of light. Most are the staked kind with either round bulbs or hummingbirds that light up. Last week at our local Ace hardware store I saw some colored mason jar types with filaments in them that look like fireflies when it's dark. There were only 3 left; I bought one and my husband went back the next day and got the other two. I'm giving one to my Mom an early birthday gift. I also ordered a string of 100 mini lights to put somewhere in the back yard. I just love them!

We have bought 3 more birdhouses since last summer. One is a hit, the other two are questionable. The hole is awful small and the birds have to wiggle their way in and out. Much like me and a pair of pants. I don't have a drill bit wide enough to make it any larger and the more you mess with a house, the less likely they are to use it. We house only sparrows but I like them anyway. Drunk looking fledglings are always fun to watch.

I haven't been making large glass totems this year because so many have gotten broken. I took apart what I could and have made smaller ones, mostly to catch water to give the birds extra drinking spots.

drilled holes in this one to add beads
I'm looking forward to a summer of sitting on the swing watching the birds and the lights come on when the sun sets. And The Kid will be home for the summer tomorrow which will make it all the better.


Grumpy said…
Nice job with everything. That mason jar with the filament is really cool. If you can borrow a dremel tool you could easily widen the bird house entrances without even taking them down.
kden said…
Tony has dremel bits for his drill so I tried that. I either didn't have the strength or the hole was too thick, but it didn't help at all.
Valerie said…
I have just become interested in solar lights. Tell me, do they come with batteries already in? I ask that because I bought two lights and they don't seem to work. I've had them out in full and strong sun for days but nothing. Perhaps it's me, duh.
kden said…
Val-they are all different. Some come with the rechargeable batteries already installed and they usually have an on/off switch. Others, you will have to put a battery in. Check for a switch or a compartment to put a battery. If it's a stake kind, the compartment is usually right in the upper part of the stake itself. Let me know how it goes.
Valerie said…
Hi kden. I checked the lights last evening... one was working, the other not. So that proves the batteries are inside. The lights were cheap ones that came without instruction. I was hoping the batteries were already in because it would be a mammoth task to get inside to check. I think the problem likes with a silly on/off switch, which is a tiny pliable plastic thing that comes out when pressed in - if you know what I mean.
Mr. Shife said…
I love that solar-powered mason jar. I might have to go to our local hardware store to see if there are any available. Glad to hear the Kid will be home soon and here's to a great summer. Take care.
Geraldine said…
I love the mason jar lights, how cool is that! What a beautiful yard you have, lucky you!!! Stopping by via Val's blog.

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