Some days Mothers just know how to push buttons. Especially mine. While at the store last Monday, they had Easter candy on sale. I bought my Mom a bag of dark chocolates and two different bags for us. When I showed them to her, she said "That's not on your diet is it?", followed by "I don't think you're taking this very seriously?"

So here we have an 84 year old woman chastising her 57 year old daughter on her non-diabetic choices of food. I basically told her I don't have a plan, I'm just doing the best I can. My insurance won't pay for a dietician because I'm not technically a diabetic. She's not at home with me watching what I cook, she's not walking with me. I was pissed all day. I took a 2 hour diabetic education class/store walk through at our local Safeway store on Saturday and didn't get a whole lot out of it. I maybe learned 10% more than I already knew and am doing anyway. They were also offering A1C tests and I figured if I could at least get that out of it I would be satisfied. They were so unorganized and didn't know what was going on that I just walked away from the pharmacy counter. So again, I'm on my own to doctor myself.

My Mom had no idea of how seriously I was taking other things at the time. First of all our dear daughter did not pass her driving test. We were all pretty sad and disappointed. She has been working so hard but can not parallel park or back around a corner properly. These were the last things we tried to teach her before the test. She's great at general driving on the road and freeway, but the instructor said she was 'too hesitant and cautious'. To me that seems like a good quality in a new driver. I wish she had someone else to teach her because my Husband's way of PP is exactly why she failed that part. Hopefully she will get more practice and be able to try again before summer. If it wasn't for college getting in the way......

And then this happened. Hubby went to his doctor a few weeks ago just curious about a fluttering in his chest. An EKG led to referral to a Cardiologist. We spent a long day at the Heart Institute with an ultrasound, another EKG, and consultation. The doctor's spiel was quick; two leaky valves , slightly enlarged heart, and the heart is not pumping to capacity. He was more concerned about the arterial valve leaking and possible blockage. He starts spewing out words like Nuclear Stress Test and Coronary Angiography with possible stent.

He wanted us to schedule something right there like we were just getting out carpets shampooed. I asked him if it was that urgent and he said no. Come on Mr. Doctor Man let us think, we've just had a lot thrown at us. We heard him give the same speech to a patient in the next room. Then he popped his head back in and shook the EKG readout and said "This is why we need to do this", and left. No explanation or anything.

Hubby walks out with a 48 hour heart monitor and a follow up appointment in a few weeks. He will try to put off a procedure until after he's out of work for the summer. Who knows how long he's had this problem, we're hoping a few months won't make a difference. I just don't like to be rushed into making big decisions. Who knows what the summer will bring. More tests, more procedures, no vacation?

So seriously Mom, if I want to have a couple of damn chocolate post-Easter eggs, I'm going to. Because in the big scheme of things it really doesn't frickin' matter.


Grumpy said…
Two thoughts:

1. Mothers never change.

2. Get a second opinion.
Valerie said…
Having spent three years listening to diagnoses in hospital and seeing how hubby reacted to them, I can commiserate. Not about the chocolate though, everyone needs a taste of sweetness now and again. Here... have one of mine!
Mr. Shife said…
Seems like your mom should be reminded of the quote: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
I hope the hubby feels better soon and good luck to the daughter getting that license.
I don't know if you have heard of the website Mark's Daily Apple but check it out if you haven't. He has a lot of success stories about people who just made some subtle changes in their diet. I know you are doing everything you can possibly do to take care of yourself but just thought I would pass along another resource. Take care.
And it was hot here too. In the 80s. Crazy.
kden said…
Thanks for the website Matt. I've got it bookmarked and will start reading.

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