The Sale

On Saturday my daughter and I went to an estate sale; it was My Lady's sale. I only got to work one day helping her daughter clean the house. I gave her the number of a woman who runs estate sales and I guess they took it from there. I was disappointed, wanting to make a little more money.

When she finally got around to paying me (she forgot), she told me about the sale. I told her I would like to buy the vacuum cleaner before hand. It's an older machine but is self-propelled and since I'm an older machine myself, thought it would come in handy. We had it serviced so it's now like new.

There was not really much else I wanted, but we went anyway just to look around. I didn't think it would bother me as much as it did. For 10 years I had been in every inch of that house; I had seen almost every single item. And there it was, her whole life layed out on tables, counters, beds, and couches for everyone to paw through and dicker over.

A freezer being hauled out of the basement, the washer and dryer already gone. The Christmas tree I helped put up and the decorations to put on it. Tools her husband has probably gathered and used since he was a young man. Treasures picked up from trips they had taken. The table I had sat at for years and the butt cushion I sat upon at that table. Soup bowls I had served her lunch in and the space heater that about made me die when it was set at 90 degrees. The tall glasses I filled with ice water to keep from dying of the heat and the footie socks I put on her feet everyday. They even sold her socks. It was just so sad.

I bought one newer fleece shirt I thought my Mom would like and a silverware drawer organizer. They gave me two mystery bottles of liquid I think might have been flavored vinegar or wine or wine that had turned to vinegar. The bottles were cool and I'm sure my Mom can do something with them. The Kid saw the cup and saucer bird feeder I made for her several years ago so I asked if I could just have it. I got out of there for $1.50 with something to remember her by.

So a word to the wise:
*Don't buy so much stuff.
*Clean out often.
*Give away things that have meaning to friends and family, while you can.

Because if you don't, some day strange people will be going through your life and paying pennies for something that once meant a great deal to you.


Grumpy said…
I would start giving stuff away if I just knew the date of my death. I'll go on enjoying my stuff and it will end up with strangers.
Valerie said…
I've already started.... I keep looking back, remembering, then wondering if I'll ever use half my stuff again.
Mr. Shife said…
Good advice, kden. My grandmother did that with me, and it was a little troubling at first because basically she was telling that she was dying soon but I am now grateful for the stuff.
fernvalley01 said…
good advice, We had a lot to sell when my folks moved off the farm, and a few things yet that mom asked me to take or are in storage. Its hard to let those treasures go I guess

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