Is This A Plan?

We have been pondering vacation plans for the summer. First it was no vacation, then it was separate vacations, now possibly a shorter closer trip. Why so many plan changes? Because of a certain furry family member who can't stay home, even with a sitter.

We've been blessed the last two years to have a neighbor woman take care of our yard and Nellie. She would visit several times a day to walk, feed, and let her out. Because of more medicine to take, and often wanting out during the night, we've decided that option will not do anymore.

First we just weren't going to go anywhere and at this point I could deal with that. Then we were going to travel close and kind of play tag team; first The Kid and I would go, then Hubby would meet us and I would go home and they could have a few days of fun. But then Hubby thought if we went to Leavenworth she could go with us. Somebody would just stay with her in the cabin and we would take turns doing basically it would be a split up vacation.

It sounds good and do-able in theory but an incident Saturday has me rethinking things. My Mom lives in a nice mobile home community and we were going to attend a memorial service being held in the clubhouse there. My Mom lives directly behind the clubhouse and we thought we'd park at her place and just walk over. Oh, and why not take Nellie? It's been a long time since we've taken her to see her Grandma.

I got her in the car fine but her hip must have popped out of the socket because by the time we got there, she had pooped in the car and couldn't walk well when she was on the ground. She was walking in circles with one foot dragging. I seriously thought she had a stroke and all she wanted was to get away from us. We finally got her to lie on the lawn and Hubby worked on her enough to get the hip to go back in. After awhile she was able to come up the stairs into the house. He stayed behind while The Kid and I went to the service. When we got back she seemed good enough to get out to the car. Dinner and a pain pill when we got home made her seem just like normal.

I'm not sure about this poochy vacation, it just has disaster written all over it. I guess we still have a few months to make up our minds and room reservations can be broken.


Valerie said…
Goodness, how did your husband know what to do in the case of a misplaced hip? Whatever, it's a good job he did know. I hope you solve your vacation problem, one way or another.
kden said…
Val, my husband is trained as a massage therapist and has been working on her (and us) for many years :)
Mr. Shife said…
Well good luck in figuring it out, kden. It's never easy with the furbies especially when they need more attention. Hope all is well and whatever you decide to do, it's a wonderful time.
Grumpy said…
Nellie should go. You don't know how many vacations she has left and she should enjoy them as long as she can.
Mr. Shife said…
Have you come up with a plan yet? Whatever happens I just hope all parties have a wonderful time.
kden said…
No plan yet Matt. We've had another monkey wrench thrown into the mix (see next week's post).

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