Bottles and Jars

The reason I wanted my Mom to have copies of old recipes is so she could decorate a bottle or jar. Since she can't paint or work on large projects anymore she has taken to decorating bottles and jars. She will take any type; tall, short, wide and curvy, and do things you would not expect. She uses paint, twine, napkins, decoupage, old jewelry, fabric, socks and silk flowers. She's given away several but is still cranking them out.

I can't wait to see what she does with my Grandma's old recipes.

She decorates this tray in her kitchen several times a year and this is her rendition of the Hoh Rain Forest with trees, rocks, the Hoh River and Mick Dodge with his pan of gold.


Grumpy said…
Those all look like the ones I've seen for sale in little boutiques and gift shops. You do sales while she does production.
Valerie said…
I think the decorated bottles are really artistic. I wouldn't mind a few on my dresser. Your mother has some clever ideas.
Mr. Shife said…
Pretty awesome, kden. I like them. Glad your Mom is doing something she enjoys and doing it very well.

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