A Dangerous Sport

I've had numbness and tingling in my right hand for many years, probably due to waitressing and the few falls I'v had. But lately I've had pain in my forearm and elbow. I looked up bursitis and Hell No, that looks absolutely horrible so I know it's not that. Dr. Kden has diagnosed herself with Tennis Elbow. The symptoms fit me to a T. The burning is intense.

Maybe you think I'm working out too vigorously at the gym? You would be wrong. I developed this injury because of my habitual coloring. Now isn't that just sad? Nothing glamorous or dangerous. It's caused by a very passive activity which is supposed to be calming and meditative.

I started researching the injuries or aggravation of current problems (neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands) due to coloring, and indeed found it to be quite common. Will it stop us? Not likely. I bought a brace and have taken some time off but I'm sure I will soon be back to it. This picture kind of sums it up.

Since I need to take a break, I may as well show you some of my favorite ones, probably the very ones that are causing me so much misery.

Greyscale--most of the hard work is done for you


Valerie said…
OMG is that what's wrong with my back? Leaning over a table, maybe? And the arm isn't too clever, either. I put it down to all the shifting of stuff after Joe died, maybe it wasn't that at all. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.

I'm glad you posted some of your lovely pictures. I never knew what to do with animals apart from making them look natural... you have inspired me to be more daring.
kden said…
Val, I learned early on that there are no rules in coloring. So go color yourself a psychedelic kitty :)
Grumpy said…
Two things:

1. That is not coloring, that is art.
2. I have chronic neck pain. Do you make house calls?
Mr. Shife said…
Beautiful work, kden. Like Grumpy mentioned that's not coloring that is art. I hope you feel better after the break because you have some amazing pictures there and I would hope that you can continue to make lovely work. Take care.
Mr. Shife said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Shife said…
Hello kden. Hope you guys some of this glorious weather too. Hard to believe it snowed earlier this week.
fernvalley01 said…
Lovely work! You might try a tennis elbow brace, I have chronic tendinitis in my arm and i find the simple "Choke strap " (about a 2 inch strap goes around the top of your lower arm just beyond the elbow ) very helpful

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