Yippy Skippy

It feels good to get big things out of the way at the beginning of the year. Taxes are done. FAFSA is done (financial aid). I am celebrating that this is the last FAFSA I will ever have to do! Even with paying for a service to actually do the submitting, it still requires a lot of work on my end.

With those two things behind me, it was time to move on to my annual Dr. appointment. I had to renew my medications and get necessary blood work. She decided not to run a cholesterol test this year. But since my glucose level was a bit high last year, she wanted to run that one.

Uh oh.......my A1C level went from 5.8 last year to 6.3 currently. 6.5 is considered to be a diabetic level. I am close, too close. I saw the results before my doctor but I knew I would have a message from her by the end of the day. She wanted me to schedule a phone appointment which I have set up for tomorrow.

Over the weekend I was in quite a funk because I know all things will change now. There will probably be more tests, dietary change, possible medication, and lots of reading material and/or diabetic classes.

I had gestational diabetes 21 years ago so knew I had a higher chance of developing it later. I don't smoke, drink a glass of wine twice a month, go out maybe twice a month. I cook from scratch and most dinners don't include carbs. I eat more carby on the weekends because our daughter is home. I don't even bake or buy desserts to have on hand. I guess my downfall is low activity and a higher weight than I should have. But all-in-all I feel I have a healthy balance. So I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself and am not looking forward to what's coming down the pike.

Friday night after I told my family the news I walked in the kitchen and my Husband whispers to our daughter "And we bought her candy for Valentine's Day?!" Ah, such is my life.......


Valerie said…
You make me feel guilty. I have twice turned down an invitation to pay my yearly respects to the doc. Too much on my plate - which he should know! Okay. I'll phone!

Don't feel bad, everything will turn out fine.
Grumpy said…
At least you have the good sense to get yourself checked and head off possible problems before they become bigger.

The Kid is a Senior already?
kden said…
She's only a Junior Grumpy but financial aid has to be applied for by Jan 1 of the year they are applying for. So we applied for WHEN she will be a senior this fall. Crazy!
Mr. Shife said…
Hope you and the doc can figure out how to make it not became any bigger of a problem. I can't believe the kid is going to be a senior. Time flies. Take care.

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